Panthers On The Run

Norfolk Junior High

By Neleigh Brown

Little Bo Peep’s famous sheeps past away!

Little Bo Peep’s famous sheeps past away! By: Neleigh Brown

On the 29th of July Bo Peep’s sheep, Harry, Larry, Jerry, Carey, and Mary went missing. She said that she let them outside to graze while she baked some of her famous bread, when she went to go check on them one hour later, they were gone. Officer Jack got a call from her at around three, and he knew they were in incredible danger because of their fame and the Big Bad Wolf lived nearby Little Bo Peep. He ran to her house to search for clues, and he found droppings leading to the Golden Meadow where Goldilocks lived.Once they got to the meadow they questioned Goldilocks, and she said she didn’t see them at all, but she would keep an eye out for them. Officer Jack then searched the property for anymore signs, and he found hoof prints leading to the edge of the property behind some bushes. When he got to the end of the trail, he saw some white fluff sticking out of the plants. Once he went into the bushes he saw them and ran to tell Bo Peep. Bo Peep heard the news and ran over to where they were to see if it was true, sadly it was. Bo Peep said, “I had dreams of them coming home and being well, but my dreams didn’t come true. But what I’m truly sad about is the tales they won’t get to tell me from when they were gone. All I can hope for is the best for them in sheep heaven and for me to remember all the good times we had." Officer Jack reported the sheep probably past on August 3rd, but were found August 5th.

Jennie Finch USA Softball Player

Jennie Finch was a pro softball player for the Chicago Bandits and the USA team. She retired in 2010, so she could focus on her family. She married Casey Daigle, a MLB Pitcher, in 2005, and they have two boys and one girl.
Jennie won the 12u and the 14u national ASA tournament and that was just the start of her career. Finch made the varsity softball team as a freshman in high school and lettered all four years, and this was just the start of her career. She had a record of 50-12, 6 perfect games, 13 no-hitters, a .15 ERA,/Earned Run Average, and she also had 784 Ks or strikeouts. Colleges everywhere wanted her on their team, but she finally chose the University of Arizona. In Arizona she played 1st base and pitcher. They won the nationals in 2001 with the help of Julie Giordano, Toni Mascarenas, and Lauren Bauer. She won the Most Outstanding Female Senior Student of the Year award, and the WCWS most outstanding player of the year, along with many other awards.
In the years after college, she played for the Chicago Bandits and in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics before it was eliminated. She threw 49 strikeouts and only allowed nine hits for the USA in 2007. She also had three children Ace Shane, 6-years-old,one-year-old Diesel Dean, and Paisley Faye, one month old. She has her own softball academy in Flemington, New Jersey, and conducts softball camps all over the country.


iHeartRadio is my favorite app, because you can either make a custom station or listen to live radio all over the country. You can also set a sleep timer or an alarm. If you want something specific go to the “perfect for” section to get 6 choices of different activities like reading the newspaper. The “perfect for” section changes daily. You can also listen to live radio stations around the country from Chicago to L.A or from New York to Texas. You can even keep it local as long as the radio station is hooked up to iHeartRadio. The closest radio station is in Sioux City.

School Uniforms

School uniforms should not be enforced by any public school systems because it does not let them express themselves. When you walk down the hall, you see everybody’s different style, and you don’t want to see everybody’s personalities covered up by a pair of khakis and ugly polo shirts. When you buy a new shirt, the first thing you want to do is show it off to your friends, and you can’t do that, because it’s against the rules to be yourself. Everybody wants tostand out in a crowd and to a put a mark on the world, but you can’t do that when you are confined to a certain set of clothes everyday. Kids will have more self-confidence without school uniforms, because they can express yourself. Students want to have indivuality, but they can’t have it when the people next to him are wearing the exact same thing.

Pitch Perfect

The stars in this movie include Anna Kendrick(Beka), Skylar Astin(Jesse), Ben Platt(Benji), Brittany Snow(Chloe), Anna Camp(Aubrey), Rebel Wilson(Fat Amy), Hana Mae Lee(Lily), and Adam DeVine(Bumper). Pitch Perfect is about Beka who is really into her music, and rather be in LA making music than in college. The Barden Bellas puked their way down to the bottom last year,because of Aubrey. Now it is up to Aubrey and Chloe to get back to finals to finish what they started. They have to scrap the bottom of the barrel to get 10 “bikini body girls”, but they end up getting all these nobody’s. The Trebles is the Barden Bellas worst enemy and the best acapella group around. The Bellas cannot interact with the Trebles at all, but Beka and Jesse have something going on that Beka doesn’t want to admit. As the two groups compete against each other through regionals, the Trebles winning each one, while the Bellas barely make it through. The Bellas have to get rid of their old tracks that make people fall asleep, and bring in all the girls’ different styles. This movie took place at Barden University in 2012. This movie is definitely PG-13 and is a great movie for a girls night out. The moral of this movie is friendship, teamwork, and diversity. I loved this movie because of Fat Amy and Lily.
Pitch Perfect | clip - The Bellas remix Just the Way You Are