My Mt. Rushmore

The Real Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore has four faces. The faces are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Mount Rushmore was designed by Gutzon Borglum. It is found near Keystone,South Dakota. It was finished in 1941. If I could design my own Mount Rushmore, I would have these people on it: my mom, my dad, Aaron, and my brother.

My First Person

The first person I would put on my Mt. Rushmore would be my dad, BJ. The first reason is my dad takes me on lots of adventures. We like going to New Mexico, Colorado, and
Jamaica. He is also a great cook. He loves cooking fish, garlic bread, and shrimp. When I’m with my Dad It’s like the fun never ends!

My Second Person

The second person I would put on my Mt.Rushmore is my mom,Angie. I would nominate her because she is an amazing mom and has taken care of me for as long as I've lived. She is also a good cook, my favorite thing she makes is pizza. We always have fun with each other.

The Next Person

The next person I would put on my Mt.Rushmore is my brother,Rowan. He is six and my only brother. We always go hiking. We go hiking on a bike trail that leads to dirt mountains. The only bad thing is I only see him once every other week.

The Last Person

The last person I would put on my Mt.Rushmore is my step dad,Aaron. He has taught me lots of things. He taught me how to ride a bike and play baseball. He really likes to toss the ball with me. We like to watch football. His favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox

In Conculesion

Now you have heard about the people I would put on my Mt.Rushmore. These are the people: my mom, my dad,my brother,and my step dad. Even if they are not on the real Mt.Rushmore they will always be in my heart. I hope someday you can meet these people too.