Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

by Jeremy Nguyen

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the most diverse cities in Texas. Ranging from the UT alumni, to the 22 year old college graduate, Austin has it all. Austin is a very outdoors town because of the green belts and the lakes. Austin's also known as the "Live Music Capitol of the World". No matter what your interests are, Austin has it.

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Austin is located at 30.2500° N, 97.7500° W. It's about 3.5 hours from Dallas and 1 hour from San Antonio. Austin's located in central Texas.

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Austin is known as the 'Live Music Capitol of the World'. It's most famous event is Austin City Limits, hosted every year in Austin. There are a lot of outgoing 'young' people living in Austin. Some water features are Edward's Aquifer, the Colorado River, Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake, Lake LBJ, and Lake Travis.

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Human-Environment Interaction

Humans have built the Mansfield Dam, which is a major water source of Austin. In the summertime air conditioning machines are a must for Austinites. Humans have built roads on hills, and even between them.

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People from all around the world fly into Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in order to attend the Austin City Limits music festival. Another major event is technology-based event SXSW. These two events alone, help boost Austin's economy yearly.

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Austin is a very 'outdoorsy' town. Like stated before some lakes include Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake, Lake LBJ, and Lake Travis. Austin has humid weather, and is hot nearly year-round. Although Texas is always usually a conservative state, Austin is very liberal, especially it's young folk. Christianity is a big religion in Austin, although there are tons of others. A common stereotype that's true is how Austinites use the word "y'all".