It's Good to Be Gronk!

A Biography By: Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski and Jason Rosenhaus

"I scored my first NFL touchdown with my first NFL catch! Yes!...I was screaming at the top of my lungs!"

Run, Catch, Score, Spike, repeat, you have just been Gronk'd!

So visit Gronk's favorite place...The End Zone

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My audience will experience the thrill of a lifetime when they come to visit "The End Zone". With over 65 touchdowns in his career, Rob Gronkowski visits the end zone more often than most tight ends in the NFL. In fact, it seems like Gronk "lives" in the end zone. For young Patriots fans, this visit to the "End Zone" will be one of the greatest moments in their life! My quote captures Gronk's thoughts, moments after scoring a TD on his 1st career catch in the NFL! In fact, this 1st career catch was the first of many visits to the end zone for the 6'6" New England Patriots Tight End in his 6 year NFL career. The slogan I created represents what most games are like for the New England Patriots: Gronk runs the route, Gronk catches the pass from Tom Brady, Gronk scores a touchdown, and Gronk caps it off with a HUGE spike of the football. It is this very sequence repeated over and over by New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and Tight End extraordinaire Rob Gronkowski that has made Gronk a fan favorite in New England. The good news is at age 26, Gronk will be hanging out in the end zone for years to come. So come by for a visit, and you will see that it truly is "Good to be Gronk!"