Religion Purposes



Beliefs are things you trust and want to be like, it doesn't matter what they are but everyone has beliefs.


This is a picture of a Roman Catholic Belief


Jews believe in God and all his doings


A symbol represents something

Roman Catholic Symbols

This represents peace and Love and it can represent a message

Jewish Symbolism

The david star is a symbol of unity


Rituals are repetitive actions that occur frequently.

Roman Catholic Rituals

This the the Catholic ritual Sina which is a festival in Holy Week

Jewish Rituals

This is a Jewish ritual of washing yourself

Social Structures

Social Structures is the power someone has, it is an order of importance.

Roman Catholic Structures

Roman Catholic structures and order of importance

Jewish Structures

Myths and other stories

Myths are stories that are untrue, Story's are something someone tells

Roman Catholic Myths and stories

This picture shows us story being told in actions by the Romans

Jewish Myths and stories

A book of Jewish stories and myths

Sacred Texts

Sacred texts are holy story's and writings

Roman Catholic Sacred Texts

This is a Sacred Text Roman book

Jewish Sacred Texts

Jewish book a sacred texts

Ethics (codes of behavior)

Rules that people should abide by

Roman Catholic Ethics

This shows us the Roman Catholic ethics

Jewish Ethics

Jewish ethics are written in books

Religious experience and spirituality

Religious experiences are like luck, when something helps you out for a change and spirituality is the development of our inner journey

Roman Catholic Religious experiences and spirituality

This picture resembles a spiritual direction and a religious experience

Jewish Religious experiences and spirituality

This picture shows us of a religious experience and spirituality