North Korea Country Profile

By Zac Lichtenstein

The Basics Of North Korea

The country is named North Korea. The Capitol of North Korea is Pyongyang and the population of North Korea is 24,895,000 people. They have a dictatorship government and are ran by a guy named Kim Jun Un.

Historical Events In North Korea

The Korean War and The Spliting Up Of Korea

The Korean War was fought between Northern and the Southern parts of Korea. In August 1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan and by agreement with the United States occupied Korea north of the 38th Parellel. United States forces afterward occupied the South. By 1948, two separate governments had been set up. Both governments claimed to be the legitimate government of Korea, and neither side accepted the border. The conflict turned into open warfare when North Korean forces supported by the Soviet Union and China invaded South Korea on 25 June 1950.

More Basics Of North Korea

The currency used there is Won and there GDP per capita is 1800 which ranks 120th in the world. In addition they have a communist economy. They claim to have a literacy rate of 100% but every one except them know that they don't have a literacy rate of that and that it should be lower then a lot of countries literacy rates. There official language is Korean and the average man lives to age 65.6 and the average women lives to age 72.7.

Tourist Attractions

The Triumphal Arch is a tourist attraction that kind of looks like the arch in Paris. The Kaesong park is an amusement park in North Korea people say there's isn't much like this in North Korea but the kids enjoy it. The May Day Stadium is a stadium that a lot of north koreas events are held. It is a really large stadium and Kim Jong Un likes sports. So he probably watchs sports In that stadium when they happen.

Kim ll Sons Death

His death took North Korea to a break down people were devistated and they didn't now what to do. People were crying and depressed and sad for a really long time. But then guess who took power. None other then Kim Jong-Un.