Like Father Like... Daughter?

Victoria U

Intro Paragraph

Remi is the father of three, an amazing husband and has experience at everything. He can do everything flawlessly like the guitar, cooking, drawing, building and much more. He passes his traits down to his kids, my older brother has craving for business just like his dad. I am very spontaneous, just like my brother and father. He can get an idea in his head and not let it go until he has completed it. He loves making things, like our house and the house across the street. He also makes sure that we have what we need to get father in life.

Hero Essay

A hero is more than someone who you look up to. They taught you everything you know. They care about you. They sculpted you into who you are and you let them. They inspire you too be a better self. A hero is someone who is your personal superman. For example, my father taught me everything I know about the real world. A hero is someone who helped you throughout life, teaches you, cares about you and inspires you.

A hero is someone who helped you throughout your life. Imagine you're in a park and other side you see a small girl trying to ride her bike for the first time, she can't. Later on a her father comes along and teaches her how, she flies across the sidewalk and has the biggest smile on her face. This precious moment is thanks to her father. This little child will come riding home jumping up and down from her new talent. For the rest of the day she'll be thanking her father and years after. This is one of the best moment in a child's life, and it is a tradition in most families. Now, this child sees her dad as a inspirational hero.

Ask a child what they consider a hero, most of them will excitedly yell Superman. Most kids that are older will think of their parents or siblings because they love each other and would sacrifice anything for each other. What you learn as you get older is that a hero is someone who tries their best to achieve their goals. For example, a poor boy that takes all the classes he can, doing all his work perfectly just to try to get into college. He sacrifices everything to get a great education so he can have a great future. When he grows up he will tell his kids about how hard he tried to get this life and they will look up to him.

In conclusion, a hero is someone who helped you throughout life, teaches you, cares about you and inspires you. They can be anyone, from your favorite band member to aunt Sally. It doesn't matter if they have super stretch or can fly, it matters that they inspire people to be a better self.

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Haiku Poem

He came from Europe

To America alone

Made a home for us