Element Research Project

Angela Raymond February 18th, 2016 2nd Hour


Silicon was discovered by a Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius. Silicon has the atomic number, protons, electrons and neutrons of 14 and the element configuration of 2, 8, and 9. Silicon is not from nature, but silicon is in Oxide. Such as sand, quarts, rock crystals, flint, jasper and opal are some of the forms where Oxide appears. Granite, clay, mica ect. are some of the silicate minerals.
Silicons are polymers that can include any incert of synthetic compound, that is made up of repeating units of silicone. Silicon has the melting point of 1414 Degrees Celsius, boiling point of 3265 Degrees Celsius, is non-metal, and the state of 20 Degrees Celsius. Silicon is in the group period 3, and is used as iodize glass. Hyper pure silicon can also be dropped with Boron. Gallium, arsenic to produce silicon is used with transistors, solar cells, rectifiers and other solid state devices.