The Roadrunner Review

September 8th, 2023

Notes from the Principal

Did you know that September is Deaf Awareness month? We will be celebrating during the upcoming weeks with some special guests on the morning announcements and other activities bringing visibility and awareness to the communication needs and unique identity of deaf and hard of hearing people.

Main Office/Attendance - 715 -261-0030

Bus Garage (First Student) - 715-842-2268

Office Hours 7:45 am-3:45 pm

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 12th - PTO Meeting @ 6:30 pm in the library

Wednesday, September 20th - Picture Day

Thursday, Septemer 28th - Kindergarten to Grampa's Farm

Friday, September 29th - Independent Learning Day

"Interested in Joining Cub Scouts?

Cub Scout Pack 400 will be hosting an Open House welcoming event at the school on Thursday, September 14 between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. It will be a fun event with activities for the kids and provide your family with a nice introduction to their Scouting program. Interested families will have the opportunity to join that evening! Pack 400 welcomes all boys and girls from Kindergarten through 5th grade to participate, and meetings are generally held on Monday evenings at Riverview throughout the school year. Scouting is a great way to teach your kids useful life skills, develop character and help them learn to lead, all while having fun with their peers and your family. The Pack just celebrated its 50th Anniversary last year, so there is a long tradition of scouting with this group. There are guaranteed to be lots of fun adventures and exciting events on the calendar this year, so come check it out!

If you aren't able to make the event, or have questions before or after, please feel free to contact Cubmaster Kevin Townshend at or call/text (414) 750-8011."

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News from the Health Room

If your child is feeling ill during the school day, please have them report to the health office. We will contact parent/guardian to make arrangements for them to be picked up.

Please Follow these Guidelines from the WSD for Illness

Students may be excluded from school for communicable disease control for the following conditions:

  • Undiagnosed or untreated skin rash or sores that cannot be covered
  • Fever (temperature 100.4ºF or greater or if behaviors such as excessive sleepiness or coughing which might be interfering with the student’s learning). Child must be fever-free without fever medicine for 24 hours before returning to school
  • Vomiting more than once in the previous 24 hours. Child must not have vomited in the past 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Diarrhea three times in the previous 24 hours or child is incontinent (has an “accident”)
  • Upper respiratory illness with frequent cough/drainage
  • “Pinkeye” (conjunctivitis) if accompanied by fever, behavioral change or inability to avoid touching eyes. (Antibiotics not required for return).
  • Strep throat (until 24 hours after treatment has begun, or health practitioner approval)
  • Students whose immunization status is not in compliance with the Wisconsin immunization law
  • Students with known suppressed immunity may be excluded, for their protection, when cases of communicable disease (i.e., measles, chickenpox) occur in school

Please contact the Riverview Health Office, if your child has COVID. They should remain home following the guidelines listed above. Their absences will be marked accordingly. We will not quarantine students.

A limited amount of COVID tests are available in the health office. You may request one at any time.

Please call with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your help in keeping everyone healthy and safe.

Jenny Glovinski Health Aide

( 715) 261-0035

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News from Nutrition Services

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Infinite Campus Sign-up

All families will want to sign up for Infinite Campus parent portal. This portal allows you to see grades, pay school fees, update phone numbers and addresses and check busing information. To set up your portal:

Go to the District’s website:
Choose Parents at the top of the page, then choose Infinite Campus Portal
Select Campus Parent
Select New User (Bottom of the white panel titled Wausau School District)
Enter the Activation Code to complete the registration process

If you do not have your Activation Code, please email Patty Knapp at

Create your own username and password. Once you have established your own username and password, the activation code listed below will no longer be valid.

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Riverview 2023/2024 Staff


Budny, Sarah -

Administrative Assistant

Knapp, Patty -

Regular Education


Hall, Kristin -

Szekeress, Danica -


Burnett, Amber -

Hiles, Chelsie -

Steinagel, Nathan -

1st grade

Lor, Baonhia -

Meyer, Ella -

Witt, Laura -

2nd grade

Burmeister, Michelle -

Differt, Kayla -

Heil, Kari -

3rd grade

Hoppenjan, Margaret -

Richardt, Cindy -

Smith, Chris -

4th grade

Brown, Courtney -

Helke, Casey -

Moe, Rebecca (Becky) -

5th grade

Her, Joshua -

Soukup, Megan -

Widmar, Kristin -

GT Resource Teacher

Adams, Matt -

EL Teacher

Carlson, Karen -

Special Education

Boller, Amy -

Connor, Kearsten -

Ermeling, Ashley -

Hau, Mackenzie -

Holdridge, Julie -

Hrdina, Jessica -

Husnick, Donna -

Kressel, Renee -

Lodahl, Mia -

Persha, Morgan -

Puetz, Nancy -

Pupil Services


Boulanger, Kris -

Morrow, Jenna -

Social Worker

Johnson, Morgan -

School Psychologist

Mitchell, Matthew -

Bridge Coordinator

Beckman, Taylor -

G2M Program Coordinator

Ramthun, Emily -



Allee, Jennifer -

Koser, Andrea - akoser@wausauschools.orgf


Rodziewicz, Kathy -


Lenselink, Angela -

Wressell, Sana -

Physical Education

Sullivan, Christin -

Wais, Jeff -


Dienger, Victoria -

Severt, Morgen -

Support Staff

Terri Kankelfitz, Jackie Keller, Tammy Kromrei, Sandy Wirkus, Andrea Cordova, Cher Her, Lynn Haucke, Cindy Schuster, Loretta Lazaroff, Breanna Bolssen, Leanne Matz, Caitlyn Sitte, Sara Leitch, Julia Radke, Chelsea Radke, Payton Reidinger, Courtney Rhode, Keng Xiong, Mindy Urmanski

District Nurse/Health Paraprofessional

Mootz, Emilee -

Glovinski, Jenny -

Nutrition Services

Huntington, Susan -

Rosso, Kay -


Maroszek, Chris -

Dotter-Begay, Beth -

Dotter, Dylan -

Schilling, Tonia -

The Wausau School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability (“Protected Classes)”