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Albuquerque Real Estate

Real estate in Albuquerque can best be described as NEW, AFFFORDABLE AND DIVERSE. Most of Albuquerque's property inventory has been built since 1970. New construction is available all around the city in price tags belonging to the high $90,000's or more.

The city's varied topography gives a huge selection of environments. To your east from the city lie the Sandia Mountains. Going west from the Sandias, the landscape changes from mountain foothills to river valley the way it runs around the Rio Grande River. Then, the scenery changes again west on the river, as being the terrain rises to bluffs offering views of the two river and city.

Housing styles vary approximately the landscape. Albuquerque offers sets from traditional brick/pitch roof homes, to California stucco with tile roofs, to pueblo and traditional Southwest adobe styling.

We now have created 8 regions for you to consider. However, as a result of diverse variety offered in Albuquerque, wise buyers should think about multiple areas in order to making a choice about the best place to get hold of a home.

You could not be moving to Albuquerque at a better time!

Northeast Quadrant (Albuquerque MLS Areas 10-50)

The Northeast quadrant of Albuquerque is often a smooth, mature area offering homes cover anything from $125,000 for the elementary or handyman buyer to around $2,000,000 in custom areas. Its sought after due to proximity to colleges, shopping, Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia National Laboratories and business and commerce centers. With mature landscaping, usage of many parks, hiking and biking paths and good commuting infrastructure, this place enjoys stable values.

Northwest Quadrant (Albuquerque MLS Areas 110-120)

Much more region of Albuquerque can access the extensive area west in the Rio Grande River, it is actually experiencing rapid housing development. New construction in this region is ample and also a buyer should be expecting to search out brand new homes beginning at approximately $150,000. Custom home developments offer homes beginning at approximately $275,000 with semi-custom homes starting at about $275,000 - 400,000. Realistically, resale home pricing starts at approximately $150,000 to $700,000 in custom home areas. Cottonwood Mall, the number one local retailer during the city, discovered in the NW area overall access to shopping, playhouses, restaurants and business centers is superb.

Rio Rancho (Albuquerque MLS Areas 140-160)

Located Northwest of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho is Albuquerque's largest neighbor. Which includes a growing population of roughly 60,000-65,000, this city is enjoying rapid growth effective economic development. Intel would be the city's largest employer, and has now been largely answerable for the commercial prosperity enjoyed by Albuquerque as well as Rio Rancho. Rio Rancho enjoys single handed access to shopping, entertainment and everything amenities. Housing prices come from the $125,000-150,000 cost bracket and top out at 1,000,000 . Town provides a massive amount new construction in all of costs and fashoins.

North Valley / Corrales (Albuquerque MLS Area 100 and 130)

Perfectly located at the NW quadrant is Albuquerque's "North Valley" along with a small village called Corrales. These areas are comprised primarily of older properties inside of a rural setting, allowing for a modification belonging to the typical urban flavor of many communities. Most homes are custom and also area showcases many of Albuquerque's true estate type properties. You will probably have to spend between $200,000 to a number exceeding $2,000,000 for homes inside the North Valley. Some handyman properties may very well be available under $200,000. Most property with any good acreage (.5 acres or maybe more) is rather expensive a result of the valuation of the land. Hence, even property in search of work will have a high sale price in this subject from the city.

Southwest Quadrant (Albuquerque MLS Areas 80-90)

This area is one of the oldest elements of town. Homes come in various settings - some rural and some urban as the name indicated. The therapy lamp is among the most oldest elements of the town. Pricing ranges from $100,000 to $900,000 .

As available land gets to be more and even more scarce inside metro area, bradenton will be the next area primed for development. Home developers are opening new subdivisions everyday. New house price substantially less here than for identical home in another element of the city. A new school is scheduled being constructed in launched.

Los Lunas / Belen (Albuquerque MLS Areas 690-760)

These communities happen to be approximately 15 -30 miles south of Albuquerque. Both communities are located in Valencia County, and also area is sometimes known as "Valencia Count". Los Lunas is concerning 15- 20 miles south in the city and Belen is concerning 30 miles south. Urban neighborhoods co-exist with rural homes with these small towns. Many homes have acreage so are equipped for livestock. Pricing varies and definately will consist of $125,000 to $2,000,000.

Mountain areas east of Albuquerque (Albuquerque MLS Areas 210-280 )

This large geographic area is made up of many small communities. The larger ones are Cedar Crest, Edgewood and Tijeras.

Cedar Crest can be found directly east of Albuquerque inside Sandia Mountains, along Highway 14 as well as to the north of I-40. Homes are apt to have some acreage and they are on wooded lots. However, because treed property is confined during the desert, land values usually means you are likely to pay more for your home. Home pricing begins at approximately $200,000 to get a frame home and ranges upward to $1,000,000 . You are able to find homes priced under $150,000, however, anticipate finding manufactured or modular homes with acreage. Many of these modular homes take any presctiption an everlasting foundation, as well as some are certainly not.

Edgewood lies just east belonging to the Sandia Mountain range for the high plains also to the south of I-40. While charges are exactly like the Cedar Crest area, the terrain is made of more rolling hills and flat plains than Cedar Crest. Land value again affects overall pricing.

Tijeras can be found at just South of I-40 within the junction of Highway 14. A compact, rural village, this community has more of a rambling feel going without running shoes. Expense is a bit like Edgewood and Cedar Crest.

Southeast Quadrant (Albuquerque MLS Areas 60-70)

The Southeast quadrant of Albuquerque has minor pockets of housing together with the land mainly used while using the Kirtland Air Force Base, the Albuquerque Flight terminal, and Sandia National Laboratory. Housing south of Central Avenue (area 70) is original from the 1940s to 1960s where many within the properties are currently investments. However, you will find small pocket of homes which can be within closeness to the University beginning at $175,000 or older. In the Southeast quadrant could be the Country Club part of Four Hills (area 60). This small community has a few new construction but is especially original custom homes. Pricing varies from $200,000 to $1,000,000 .

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