Sizzling Sisters Jan Newsletter

Thirty-One Gifts team update

January Stat's

Active team members: 18

Team Sales: $4.960.00

Top in Sales: APRIL SMITH - $2,332.00

Next Up: Jamie Blocker - $1,224.00

Third Runner up: Nikki Sizler - $1,002.00

Honorable mention to Anita Boggs for submitting a $200 party

Did you know...If you beat me in sales for the month; I send you a special surprise? Yep, that's right - congrats to April and Jamie for showing us girls how to do it! :) You can expect happy mail headed your way soon!

New team members - Recruiting SuperStars!

Congrats to Jamie Blocker for getting her first recruit - welcome to the team Lindsay Renegar!

Congrats to April Smith for recruiting Candice Godoy! You are so close to becoming a Director, April! So excited to see how this journey has unfolded for you in Japan :).

Also, if you ladies think it is tough to ever get sales or parties...ask April and Jamie for some tips! These ladies live(d) on a small military base in Japan and still rocked it out! You ladies amaze me! Jamie is now back state side...excited to see where this journey takes you now, Jamie!

March Team Training/Coffee Date!

So, I was thinking of doing a little coffee date with all of you. I will send out info when I can and you can let me know if you can join me. As always, we'll keep it short and fun - free coffee at one of my favorite spots! I'm thinking early March so we can all spend a little time getting our calendars full for some FUN, FAST, EASY extra Spring spending money.
Thirty-One Hostess Exclusives – Spring 2016
Inspire: Episode 2 - Feb. 16, 2016