Measurable Annual Goal Review~

Measurable Annual Goal Reminders

Just incase you need a refresher, see this guide below for assistance. As always, I'm just a phone call or an email away!

The Condition

Be as specific as possible:

  • Materials: Given a ____grade level reading passage, When playing a game, Using a highlighter marker, Given manipulatives, Using index cards, When using a calculator

  • Time: When waiting in line, When doing seatwork, Upon entering the classroom, In a conversational setting, Given ________minutes, During reading center time

  • Place: In the resource room, In the hallway, In a quiet area, In the cafeteria

  • Activities: While working independently, During team time, When in a small group discussion, When working with peers, While journaling, In a mock interview

  • Supports: Using a graphic organizer, With hand-over-hand assistance, Using a spell checker, While listening to books on tape, Using touch points, Given a visual schedule

Clearly Defined Behavior

It is an ACTION...Close your eyes...Can you SEE the student performing the skill?

Remember...You cannot see a student "increasing" or "achieving."

Performance Criteria

HOW WELL do you want the student to perform the skill?

Remember to use baseline data and their anticipated rate of learning to determine this criteria.

  • % of time
  • ____out of _____
  • Scoring at a level of a 3 on a 4 point rubric (attach to IEP)
  • _____times or less in _____minutes
  • For _______consecutive minutes
  • ______times per day
  • _____words correct per minute
  • _____digits correct per minute
  • _____Sounds correct per minute
  • With _____or fewer errors
  • No more than _____occurrences of...

End Point

HOW MANY TIMES does the student need to perform the skill to demonstrate mastery?

  • 3 random trials
  • 4 consecutive trials
  • 4 out of 5 trials
  • On 8/10 opportunities

Evaluation Schedule

HOW OFTEN will you be collecting data?

  • Daily (Seldom used for progress monitoring because instruction needs to occur between monitoring opportunities; Often used for students with more complex needs).
  • 2 times per week
  • Weekly
  • Every Friday
  • Biweekly (Every two weeks)
  • Tri-weekly (Every three weeks)

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Educational Consultant, Secondary Transition

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