Madison Morehead's Bucket List

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Thousands of delicately carved spires rise in brilliant color from the amphitheaters of Bryce Canyon National Park. Millions of years of wind, water and geologic mayhem have shaped and etched the pink cliffs at Bryce. I would like to go to this canyon to go hiking. I would bring one of my best friends because he has been to Utah and he is really cool. Physical weathering happens here by wind and water.
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Carnival of Brazil

I would like to go to the Carnival of Brazil (Carnaval do Brasil) because they shut down everything and have the ultimate party. I would go with a foreign exchange student that we hosted two years ago because she is from Brazil. Physical weathering happens on the streets where the parades happens by wind, water, and the peoples' feet walking on the ground. Some people may even call it the Mardi Gras of the southern hemisphere.
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Zapcat Powerboating

These inflatable catamaran hulls decked out with powerful racing engines are built purely for speed, and therefore thrills.The jumps will make you wonder whether you're sailing or flying, but there are few things on water that beat these bad boys for bragging rights.

I would like to do this in the United Kingdom and I would take my sister with me. Physical weathering happens here under the water and on the shore.

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The World's Steepest Roller Coaster (Japan)

The world's steepest steel roller coaster opened at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Yamanashi, Japan, in 2011.On top of a free fall of 121 degrees, riders fight G forces through seven twists and a drop of 43 meters.The near-vertical free fall is the fourteenth Guinness World Record set by Fuji-Q, one of the leading amusement parks in the world for thrill seekers. I would like to ride on this roller coaster because I have always been afraid of them and I don't think I would be afraid of any other roller coasters. I could also end up being traumatized for the rest of my life but that's okay. I would take my dad because he is not afraid of most roller coasters. Physical weathering happens here on the ground and the roller coaster by wind and water.

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White water rafting

I would like to go white water rafting on the Colorado River. I would take my mom, dad, brother, and sister.
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