About Skyler Storment

Skyler Storment

About my family and intersts

I have 7 people in my family, we just combined families together. We are really loud and hyper. We all have busy schedules too.

My interests are playing on my phone, going to the mall, and hanging out with friends and organizing stuff. One career that my go along with my interests is a interior designer.

My personality traits and skills

My personality is happy, hardheaded, trustworthy. My Holland Code is SEA which means I'm social, enterprising, and artistic. My Myers Briggs results is Social: 32 Enterprising: 29 Artistic: 20. Which means I might enjoy being a therapist, author, or accountant.

My Skills are talking to people, listening to them, and persuading people. 2 careers where these skills could be used at would be a therapist and accountant.

"Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. Refuse to be average or to surrender to the chill of your spiritual environment." - Arthur Helps

My Values, Multiple Intelligence, Activities, 3 Ways I could improve and My Future.

My top 3 life values are; self-control, joy, and honesty.

My top 3 work values are; creativity, order, and trustworthiness.

My multiple intelligence is naturalist and the 3 jobs that might go with this intelligence would be a zoology, a vet, a tree surgeon.

I don't do any extra activities at my school. But the activities I'm involved with outside of school is babysitting.

3 Ways I could improve in any way would be to smile more, worry less, and make more friends.

Things in my life time list would be having a family, getting a nice house, eat healthier, live a health lifestyle, and get good grades.

" My sun sets to rise again." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

My 3 things that make me happy & proud about myself.

3 things that make me happy and proud of myself is that I always forgive people and that I care for them and that i understand what they are going through and that I help them in any possible way I can.

" Thought is the wind, knowledge is the sail, and mankind is the vessel." - Augustus Hare