Want a Promotion By Mid-Summer?

We'd Love to Help You Hit Senior Stylist...

We Want YOU!...And Know You Can DO IT!

Hey Sparkly Lady,

We are so psyched for you! Not only are you out there spreading the Stella & Dot love, but you are making your mark on our team..and hopefully having a lot of fun along the way! These are skills that scream LEADER to me. I believe that you would make a great coach for a new Stylist and I would love to help you get there...what do you think?

Director, Bradlee Roffers and Senior Director, Sarah Pearsall (both from Chicago) and I are putting together a small group of stylists together STARTING THIS WEEK (!) who share a common goal of promoting to Senior Stylist by Hoopla and I would love for you to be a part of it. You just have to listen to one of us lead a 20 minute call each week (live or recorded) and jump in on a supportive, fun Facebook group. Not only will it be great to meet some new Stylists that share the same goal, but we can all celebrate your success in Las Vegas! Here are a few questions to ask yourself...

1. Will I be attending Hoopla? It's a not to miss event, but you can still be in the group, even if you are not going...
2. Do I have 5 hrs a week of quality time to dedicate to my Stella & Dot Business
3. Can I meet personal sales goals of $1,539/mo (1000 PCV) most months? This is just the minimum, so you may want to set your goal higher!
4. Can I connect at least 2 people with the Stylist opportunity who go one to actively sell on a monthly basis?

THAT'S IT! Want to chat more about it? Call me at 970-390-5644, but I DO BELIEVE IN YOU and I would LOVE to see you at Hoopla with a promotion under your belt!

What do you say???? I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and a promotion to you,