Device Check-In Update

Layton Elementary, May 20-21, 2020

Changes Made for Device Check-In

Hello, Parents,

We have made THREE changes to information you received last week:

(1) We will have two days for device check-in: Wed., May 20 and Thurs., May 21. You will need to sign up for a time to come in. The sign-up will be on your myDSD guardian account. We will be available from 8:30-1 pm on May 20 and from 2-7 pm on May 21. Please choose a convenient time for your family so you can come at one time instead of all different times.

One option, if you have several children, is to make one appointment at 10 am, for example, and send them each to their own teacher for return while you wait in the car or accompany one of them.

(2) Sign up is open from May 11 - May 15. After that, we will automatically schedule times.

(3) Yearbooks previously purchased will be included in the packet of materials teachers have prepared for their students when they come to the appointment.

Revised Check-in Calendar

Please return library books to the lunch bus, the school, or bring them when you come to check in devices.


Yearbooks purchased will be given to your child in the packet prepared by the teacher and will be given to you on May 20 or 21 at your appointment.

Personal Hotspot

If you borrowed a personal hotspot, please bring it with you when you return your device.

Revised Map

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