Animal Rights

By Jeremy Cruz

Can you imagine people always being, sad, lonely, and desperate because they have no one to confer them? It happens everyday to lost and abandoned animals. 25% of animals are killed because of kill shelters. People are all affected by this because animals confer them, help control their emotions, and to keep them happy. Abandoned pets often end up in kill shelters but no- kill shelters and activist are trying to change their fate.

Kill Shelters

Kill shelters kill animals when are they are not adopted. As a result, kill shelters only give animals an hour to a couple of months before being let down. From their beliefs, they accept if a dog has been at the shelter for a long time. “Consequently, owners of kill shelters don’t hang up fliers when a dog that in good shape are being let down” says Fortheloveofwriting. They say they let animals down for space. Also, they don’t want to pay for the fee of the animals and they believe it would be less of a hassle.

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No-Kill Shelter

No-Kill shelters don’t kill animals they make solutions and are a solution for that. First, no-kill shelters never let animals down. They take animals from the streets and pay their fees to keep them in the shelter using the money from charity. After that, no-kill shelters give animals a second chance of life. Plus, no-kill shelters have a program that benefits the animals and the adopter. They saved 18,000 animals since 1995 and 12,000 in 2009. Kill shelters should take animals to a no-kill shelter or an adoption organization. Kill shelters need to let people foster the pets until adoption. Therefore, all animals no matter their age are good for adoption as long as they are healthy.
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There were activist that were trying to get people to stop the problems and make solutions. Lou Wegner changed what people think of animals. Faye Carey was helping to give puppies a home, so she advertises them for adoption. Bianca was raising money for no-kill shelters. Ayna Agarwal has an International Organization that got lot’s of peoples attention. Also, in Byam, students from Sparta High School were treating animals with veterinary care and housing. In addition, they work long and hard hours cleaning, painting, and scrubbing the cages.


In conclusion, animal homelessness is a problem. Fortheloveofwriting said “ Animals are given an hour to a couple of months and 60% of them are let down.” Animals are given a second chance of life. 18,000 animals were saved since 1995 and 12,000 in 2009. Puppies were advertises for adoption and their cages were cleaned, painted, and scrubbed. In the end, animals are important pets in our life.
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Above are puppies who have homes now because they were brought to a no-kill shelter. After that, they were adopted.