Joshua Ybarra

Ceramics 1 Portfolio

Best Background Music by David Parsons

The Handle of Light

I made "The Handle of Light" because I wanted to feel like jedi and see what it felt like to have the force with me. The only problem I had with the mug is how rough the inside of my mug was. I fixed that by smoothing the inside more and my outcome was that it became more smooth. The only I would change about this mug is the color. I wanted it to be a Darth Vador black on the outside with the Yoda green in the inside.

The Atom Bomb

What I wanted for my vase was that I wanted something to be different instead of a traditional vase. The only problem I had while making this piece was to keep the sides that stick out stay like that. I made the sides for strong so that it'll stay together and not cave in. The thing i would change about my vase is that I would start wide on the bottom and then get smaller as I would build onto it.

John Deweese Pottery