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Dr. Cohen's Newsletter to the SVHS Community

September 14, 2020 Edition

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SGA Elections

Elections for SGA and class officers will be held THIS FRIDAY, September 18. Students will have time to vote during 5th-period Advisory. If students need more time, a link to the Election Ballot will be sent to staff and they will be encouraged to post it in their MyMCPS classrooms. Voting expectations and the official ballot can also be found HERE! The hyperlink that will allow students to access election ballot information will go live Friday morning! Make sure you are reviewing the “Meet the Candidate” videos prior to voting!

Material Distribution - September 14-18

Materials distribution will occur September 14 – 18. Students will receive specific materials based on their individual schedule. Please write your students name and ID number on a piece of paper that will be collected at the distribution table. Please enter the new bus loop on Wisteria Drive.

Pick up days are as follows:

  • Monday – 9th grade
  • Tuesday – 10th grade
  • Wednesday – 11th grade
  • Thursday – 12th grade
  • Friday – Make up Day

Distribution times:

  • 7:00 - 8:30 am
  • 11:15 am - 12:30 pm
  • 3:30 - 6:30 pm

Locker contents – a table will be set up with locker contents from last school year. Students will be able to pick up these items during the scheduled distribution times. Any items remaining after the final distribution day Friday, September 18th will be donated.

Yearbooks – a limited number of yearbooks from last school year are available for purchase online at Yearbook Sales. Please bring your receipt during the materials distribution times listed to collect your yearbook.

Chromebook Damage Financial Responsibility Information

Students and their families are now financially responsible for any intentional or accidental damage of any Chromebook loaned out to the student. The Office of Technology and Innovation has created a technical document outlining the Chromebook obligation process. This document identifies the costs associated with each type of repair or replacement, as well as where students and families can go to have a repair performed. While 45 West Gude is the only available repair site at this time, additional sites will be identified and added.

To see the Chromebook Obligations document, please click here.

This document links out to four relevant articles.

  • Chromebook Repair Sites. See here.
  • Chromebook Repair Costs: See here.
  • Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy: See here.
  • Regulation IGT-RA: See here.

Google, Youtube and Online Digital Tools Consent Form

Parents and Guardians, please complete these forms to give your student(s) permission to access and use technology resources as part of their online learning experience:

Seneca Valley High School Combined G-Suite Additional Services + YouTube Permission Form & Supplemental Online Digital Tools Consent Form (English and Spanish- traducción abajo)

Please note that the link above includes two forms.

  • The first page is the G-Suite Additional Services & YouTube Permission Form. MCPS uses Google’s G Suite for Education Core Services to provide students with access to tools and services such as email, online storage, and web-based applications -- all students have access to these Core Services. Student access to and use of additional G Suite services and YouTube, beyond the Core Services, requires parent/guardian permission. Please read this form and indicate consent at the bottom of the page.

  • The second page is the Supplemental Online Digital Tools (ODT) Consent Form. This form addresses student use of 3rd party apps, such as Kahoot!,, and The New York Times. All of the online digital tools used by teachers are vetted for safety and privacy requirements, but may still require “affirmative parent consent” for student use. If you are comfortable with your student using these technology resources, please indicate consent at the bottom of the page.

  • The third page requests student and parent/guardian names.

Failure to provide consent to Additional Services and Supplemental Online Digital Tools will not result in loss of access to the G-Suite Core Services, but will limit access to other technology resources used to facilitate teaching and learning. Consent remains valid for the entire time the student is enrolled in an MCPS high school and may be rescinded at any time.

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IB Spotlight

During the second week of each month, we will provide quotes to support the ATL skill category, ATL skill cluster, and LP of the month.

ATL Skill Category Quote for SELF MANAGEMENT: “All management starts with self-management, which is the definition of intentions, actions to be taken, and quantifying of those actions.” - Julian Penccilliah

  • We encourage our students to reflect on their own areas of strength and growth, and to use that reflection to create a personal, social, and academic to-do list. Students should then implement personalized self-management and organizational strategies that allow them to act on purpose- choosing items that move them on course to their to-do-lists and goals.

ATL Skill Cluster Quote for ORGANIZATION SKILLS: “Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a product.” -Megan Francis “A good system shortens the road to the goal.” -Orison Swett Marden

  • We want to encourage organizational habits for our students that help minimize their stress and maximize their time and success. It is important to remember that the organizational systems may differ from student to student as we help provide the skills for them to discover what is effective for them.

LP Quote for BALANCED: “The foundation stones for a balanced success are: honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty.” -Zig Ziglar

  • We need to understand the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for ourselves and others. For our students, we should educate and encourage healthy habits that support balance, while also providing time for students to reflect on their current well-being and providing an avenue to share their reflections with teachers.

We are adding a question and answer section in each Smore edition, so please send any questions you have about IB to We will feature questions and responses the following week.

Fall Athletics Registration EXTENDED

Great news, the county athletic office has allowed us to reopen our registration window for Virtual Fall sports for a short period. The window will be open until 8 am Tuesday, September 15th.

After that time- if a student athlete is not registered they will be unable to participate in the fall virtual season.

Please use this link to register:

Reminder that in order to be cleared, they must have a valid physical on file with Athletic Director Jesse Irvin

The season starts Monday, so please do not delay.

A reminder, that in the future, to ensure you do not miss any deadlines and have all communication, please make sure to follow us on twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as our website which has all up to second important information.

Seneca Valley Athletics Continues partnership with Lead ‘Em Up!

The Seneca Valley Athletic department is proud to announce that we have renewed our subscription to one of the top Leadership Development programs in the country. For the past four years, Seneca Valley has worked with Lead ‘Em Up and founder Adam Bradley to put together a program that takes our student athletes to the next level. At Seneca Valley we believe in developing our student athletes beyond the playing surface. With a variety of engaging activities, our student athletes are not only better prepared to be successful in their sport, but be successful in life. Please see the press release pdf attached to this message.

Please reach out to Athletic Director Jesse Irvin if you have any questions or concerns.

Go Screaming Eagles

This Week's Notes from the College & Career Center

Attention Seniors

Seniors - If you have not completed or started on your College Application Packet, please work on this! This is especially important for students applying to schools with October application deadlines. You want to make sure you give your counselors and teachers at least 2 weeks to complete and submit any application requests, including letters of recommendation. Feel free to reach out to Mr. Nalda or your counselor if you have any questions.

September Scholarships

  • 15 - The Gates Scholarship - top 300 students receive funding for full cost of attendance; senior; US citizen, national, or perm. resident; African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian & Pacific Islander American, and/or Hispanic American; min 3.3 GPA; financial need; Pell-eligible; must enroll full-time in a four-year degree program; outstanding academic record; demonstrated leadership ability; personal success skills.

  • 15 - GoSkills Business Startup Scholarship - 1-$2,000 award; for any female high-school or college student who wants to start her own online business; share ideas (2-3 sentences) about your business; share a 2-3 sentence (or more) business plan.

  • 17 - We The Future Contest - 1-$1,000 award for each project categories; grades 9-12; ages 14-19 at time of entry; U.S. Cit. or legal res.; submit an original work one of the following about America: essay, song, STEM, or PSA; see link for full rules and guidelines.

Click here to see the SVHS Scholarships Page.

This Week's College Visits - Juniors & Seniors

  • Lafayette College Brianna Braswell Virtual 9/14/20 8:00 AM
  • Washington College Jack Despeaux Virtual 9/14/20 11:30 AM
  • James Madison University Jacqueline SchroteVirtual 9/15/20 8:00 AM
  • Frostburg State University Mary Prasada-RaoVirtual 9/15/20 11:30 AM
  • Mount St. Mary's University - Maryland Grant HenryVirtual 9/16/20 8:00 AM
  • Drexel University Erin Litsch Virtual 9/16/20 9:00 AM
  • Catholic University of America Thomas Berry Virtual9/16/20 10:00 AM
  • University of Maryland-College Park Ryan Clear Virtual 9/16/20 11:00 AM
  • Washington & Jefferson College Dylan Gerald Virtua l9/16/20 1:00 PM
  • Delaware Valley University Massah Ezenekwe Virtual 9/16/20 3:00 PM
  • Mercer University Abigail Paris Virtual 9/17/20 8:00 AM
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Frederick Lyles Virtual 9/17/20 11:30 AM
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Mario Cruz Virtual 9/18/20 8:00 AM
  • Johns Hopkins University Bailey Jackelen Virtual 9/18/20 11:30 AM

To participate in college visits, students must register in Naviance. To see a full list of College Visits, see click the link below. Visits and other events can also be found on the College & Career Calendar.

Upcoming Virtual College Fairs

Coalition for College September 2020 Virtual College Fair

Common Black Application Free HBCU Worldwide College Fairs

Student Panel College Fair

  • September 21 - 26, 2020 - Hosted virtually, FREE. Watch live from anywhere, or register for recordings. Hear from interactive panels of current college students from over 100 universities. Register now (free)

This Month's College & Career Center Newsletter

Guidance on Families Living Outside of Montgomery County During Virtual Learning

Given that MCPS schools are operating in a virtual only environment, and there are families who are living outside of Montgomery County due to a variety of factors including unforeseen travel restrictions, schools have received requests from parents/guardians to allow their child(ren) to remain enrolled with MCPS. Our regulations do not address the current, and previously unimaginable, circumstances and it may be difficult to formulate a one-size-fits-all response, and thus schools should use the below-listed guidance when reviewing requests from families currently living outside of Montgomery County.


  • According to MCPS Policy JEA, Residency, Tuition and Enrollment:

Bona fide residence is one's principal residence, maintained in good faith, and does not include a residence established for convenience or for the purpose of free school attendance in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). However, intent to reside indefinitely or permanently at the present place of residence is not necessarily required. Determination of a person’s bona fide residence is a factual one and must be made on an individual basis.


  • If the family has previously established their principal residence in Montgomery County but have communicated they are visiting elsewhere at this time, MCPS will consider allowing them to remain enrolled in one of its schools and seek documentation of their continued maintenance of the residence (ownership or current lease).
    • For example, if a MCPS family went to visit family abroad for the summer then decided to stay longer when they learned MCPS would be virtual, then the family should be asked to provide the school with a current lease, electric bill or other similar correspondence for the home.
    • The family should be able to show that if not for the pandemic they would be here in a specific home that they have rights to.
    • Schools are not required to contact families to inquire as to where they are currently living, but rather respond to requests from families who report visiting elsewhere.

  • Families currently out of the area who cannot demonstrate a bona fide residence in Montgomery County should not be allowed to enroll or remain enrolled unless the family is interested in paying tuition for their child(ren) to attend MCPS.

  • If a student is participating in online learning from a location that is in a different time zone, teachers are not required to accommodate the time differences.

This guidance will be updated once schools reopen for in-person learning.

Below, you will find the fall schedule and fall calendar

Note: These documents are in draft form and may change as direction from MCPS and the Department of Health and Human Services change. We will communicate any changes widely across our community.

Who do I go to for help?

If you need assistance or support with anything leading up to the school year or once virtual learning has begun, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the following staff. They are here to support you in any way they can.

Main Office Telephone Number: 240-740-6400 (This is a new number)

Student Support

Ms. Crawford

  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with A - C
  • Class Support - Class of 2022

Mr. Davidson

  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with D - J
  • Class Support - Class of 2021

Mr. Smith

  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with K - P
  • Class Support - Class of 2024


  • Social Emotional Support - Students with last names beginning with Q - Z
  • Class Support - Class of 2023

Ms. Riddick

  • Business, Finance, and Operations

Counselor Student Support Assignments

Counseling Website

Counseling Telephone Number: 240-740-6420

Ms. Fellows - Students with last names beginning with A - Card

Ms. Patel - Students with last names beginning with Cardi - Del Mar

Ms. Murray - Students with last names beginning with Del Pilar - F

Ms. Moore - Students with last names beginning with G - King, C.

Mr. Matthews - Students with last names beginning with King, D. - Nunez Enriquez

Ms. Teixeira - Students with last names beginning with Nunez Rodriguez - Shad

Mr. Yarmus - Students with last names beginning with Shah - Z

Ms. Rina Chaves ESOL Transition Counselor

Ms. Rosa Santos ESOL Parent Community Coordinator

Ms. Rogena Parrish Secretary

Ms. Linda McCabe Registrar

Mr. Carlos Nalda College-Career Information Coordinator

Mrs. Margaret Drew School Psychologist

Mr. Tony Maturana Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)

Mr. Daryn Moore Aces Coach (11th-12th grade)

Class Sponsors

Class of 2024 - Freshman Class

Class of 2023 - Sophomore Class

Class of 2022- Junior Class

Class of 2021 - Senior Class

Wellness Resources

The safety and wellness of our students remains a top priority. Below are resources to support the physical, social and psychological well-being of our community. If you believe your child is in crisis, please contact the Montgomery County Crisis Center at 240-777-4000. Students can also reach out to their counselor and school psychologist to set up a confidential appointment.

Waymaking Video Series

Mindful Moments Video Series
Tips on Addressing Student Grief
Tips for Preventing Youth Suicide

Community Resources

Below is information regarding food/grocery access beyond the MCPS school meal sites:

Food Assistance Resource Map: The Montgomery County Food Council created an interactive map of food assistance providers and benefits application assistance sites in Montgomery County. It is searchable by location, food assistance type, accessibility and many other special features. This resource can give principals and families a quick view of local resources in their area. The information indicates where, when and how to access the resources. **We would caution parents and staff supporting parents to pay particular attention to how one qualifies to access food as some sites state requirements.

Weekend Bag Program: MCPS, Manna Food Center, and Women Who Care Ministries are distributing weekend backpacks with groceries to the families of MCPS students each Friday. The location of distribution sites and times are listed at the bottom of the webpage.













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