The Telegraph

By: Samuel F. B. Morse

The Industrial Revolution: A Turning Point In History

The Industrial Revolution lasted from 1760 to in between 1820 and 1840. During this time period, hundreds of life-changing inventions were made, and in the process of making. One of these life-changing inventions was The Telegraph. The Telegraph, was invented by Samuel F. B. Morse.

The Telegraph: Invented By Samuel F. B. Morse

The Telegraph sent smoke signals and also reflected light. The Telegraph was a highly popular form of communication. It was a signal that sent electric signals back and forth. The Telegraph revolutionized long distance communication. The telegraph was quickly accepted by eager people for a quicker way of sending information and receiving information. The non-electric telegraph was invented in 1794. The telegraph was the first instrument to send messages. The telegraph stands as a turning point in history. Modern day (today) the telegraph technology is rarely used.Before the telegraph a horse was the fastest way to send messages. Samuel sent the first telegraph message to Vail in Washington.

Samuel Finley Breeze Morse

Samuel Finley Breeze Morse also known as Samuel F. B. Morse invented The Telegraph. He was born in April 27th 1791. He was married to Elizabeth Griswold. He remarried Lucretia Walker. He had 7 children. William, James, Susan, Edward, Charles, Samuel, and Cornelia Morse. Morse was not only an inventor but he was also a painter. He made his reputation as a painter. Soon after painting, he invented The First Practical Telegraph in 1837. He is credited with this brilliant invention. Samuel Finley Breeze Morse was a great man, and was known for his many, successful accomplishments. Sadly he died on April 2nd 1872.
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