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Join the MBCUE team! Elections to become a director of the MBCUE Board are coming soon.

Nominations: September 15-30, 2018

Elections: October 14-31, 2018

The Monterey Bay CUE board is composed of 8 members from the three counties that compose our chapter (Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz) and meets on a regular basis (in person and virtually, at least once a month) to plan professional development, socials, teacher grants, and more. Any current and active member of Monterey Bay CUE is eligible to serve on the board.

To be nominated, you need to fill out the nomination form which requires a short biography, picture, and two letters of recommendations. All premium members of CUE that are part of the MBCUE affiliate will be allowed to vote. Nominees will have a chance to offer a 90 second speech at Fall CUE at the annual affiliate meeting. If you are unable to attend, you can submit a video of your speech.

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