Asbjorn Lonvig

Born to be an artist

Talented person is talented in everything

Born to be an artist, without any doubt Asbjorn Lonvig was born to impress and make art! Since his school years Asbjorn Lonving has been crazy about Art but in fact he has chosen completely different and far from Art, way in life – IT developing. Talented person is talented in everything, so step by step he achieved successes, even started his own Software Company. It seems that development of Software didn’t bring to an Artist satisfaction and as a result, Asbjorn Lonvig decided to sell his company in a favor of Art. It was a spontaneous decision, he says: “I became an artist 1 April 1986 at 2 p.m.” Fame and fortune always go behind talented and obstinate people, who know what they want and do everything to get it. He mastered several Art styles: Abstract, Impressionism and Contemporary. In every mentioned style, he produces unique and individual artworks, which characterize his own way of thinking and creating of Art. Every his artwork has a special meaning, which is available for understanding.

"Octo-Pus" is a very good example of Contemporary art! Happiness and positive, that is what Asbjorn Lonvig wants to express in this artwork! Inspire of the years he remains a child in his soul, so he makes happy not only himself and his family, but great number of people in the world, because it is impossible not to smile looking at his artwork!

The key part of the word *Impressionism* is impression! What impression this artwork is supposed to produce? Calm, peace and beauty. It is very tender and sophisticated, so you can spend 8 hours looking at it with a feeling of ease!

Abstract artworks are always unpredictable! Asbjorn Lonvig’s fantasy and imagination created such a bright sunset! It is indeed mysterious moment, when sun slowly sinks into the water. It seems the Sun never come back again, but after darkness, there always appears the first ray of sun!

Asbjorn Lonvig has an impressively huge online art gallery on, which contains more than 700 artworks. Is not he genius of Art? Already 14 years he is member of ArtsCad gallery and impresses us with new artworks! Visit Asbjorn Lonving’s Art gallery on and you will see one more miracle!