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Consistent across Platforms. BrandFu transforms every email you send into a Marketing Moment.

Create professionally branded email for every platform.

Apply a consistent signature every time you send an email.
Send linked marketing banners to your capitive audience.
Manage it all in one place.

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No, there are no limitations. You can setup as many domains and email addresses for branding as you need, and all functionality is enabled. Once you're happy, activating your plan takes a couple of minutes.

What is BrandFu?

BrandFu is a cloud based email transformation service which applies a signature and/or banner advertisement to emails which are sent through our email servers after they leave your network.

Why is BrandFu different?

BrandFu is different because unlike traditional email marketing services it does not focus on newsletters and subscription based mass marketing. Instead, BrandFu, focuses its energies on branding your everyday business email that you send to clients, partners, suppliers and the world at large.

This often overlooked aspect of your marketing strategy is where BrandFu shines. BrandFu ensures that your email is always professionally branded when it leaves your network, and that you are always marketing your products, services and business through banners on your routine, everyday email.

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