Data Security

Be safe online


Using the internet can be very useful.It simply makes your life easier.But how useful can it be if you are not safe?Being safe online is very important.There are many dangers that occure on the internet that we are not aware of.We should know what is right or wrong to do while being online.You should be able to protect yourself and know your rights and responsibilities while being online and how to use the networks safely.
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Encryption is mixing up data in this manner that only whoever has the key or code can read it.

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Pin Numbers

A Pin number is a personal identification number which is used by all computer users to access to their system.It also prohibits other users to enter to a system that is not theirs.
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Biometric Scanners

Biometric Scanners is a security system that allows access to rooms personal computer by scanning fingerprints or the voice of the user.

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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is a digital forensics science connected to evidence found in computers and digital storage media.The aim is to gain information that will lead the forensics team to identify the ‘cracker’

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Rights and Responsibilities

  • Knowledge

  • Protection

  • Participation

  • Justice

  • Education

  • Health

  • Respect Others

  • Respect Ourselves
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How to use the networks safely

  • Be careful of what you post online; it shouldn’t be challenging

  • Don’t use your full name.You should have a nickname until you turn 18.

  • Don’t share personal information such as your telephone number, your address etc..

  • Don’t contact strangers

What you should avoid doing

  • Never put your email address in a comment
  • Never respond to spam
  • Never click links from strangers
  • Never share your password