The Road to Hong Kong, part 1


Thank you for following along in my journey to go and teach overseas. I am getting so excited about leaving for Hong Kong. In 43 days, I will depart from Indianapolis and head over to China.

This year has been very different from last in terms of preparation. I already sort of know what's going to happen, so I'm not nervous about that. But this year has been different in how I have raised support. I have done many more fundraisers, but this year it has been harder to raise the money I need. Raising support is always hard and honestly I am struggling to trust that the Father will provide. I really do enjoy looking back on my experience last year and how the Father moved to help me from sources I never would have imagined.

As I look forward to this summer, I have many things I am excited for. I will know at least five people going on the trip who either went last year or are from my university. There is one girl specifically from my previous team that I can't wait to spend another summer with growing in Him. I am also looking forward to knowing my way around and being able to adjust quicker. I hope to be able to be more intentional with my students and build relationships with them earlier on. Finally, I am stoked to get to hang out with my former students and strengthen the relationships I already have with them.

There are a few things I would ask you to remember in your conversations with the Father:

1) That I would trust Him to provide the last 30% or so I need to be fully funded.

2) That relationships would be quick to form and strengthen this summer (between myself and my team, my students, and my Father).

3) That He would protect the other teams travelling to all parts of the world this summer.

Thank you all so much for your incredible support and love through this entire process. I hope to send out at least one more newsletter once I know my school placement and team. Have a blessed day!

(Below is a video that shows basically what I will be doing this summer.)

ELIC Engage 2014


1) Please do not post, forward, or post this letter anywhere online. This is for the reputation of ELIC with the governments and the safety of all who are involved with ELIC.

2) If you feel led to support me financially, you can easily make a donation online:

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