GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of December 10, 2018

Dear Team,

Thank you for another great week at GRE! There were awesome things happening all over the building. From BAS celebrations to the 4th Grade Holiday Performance, Party with the Principal and the Holly Market and Holly Shop! What a fun and exciting week. Thank you for your hard work in completing winter benchmark assessments. It's a time we both love (to see students progress) and hate (so much pressure to get everything done)! I'm really looking forward to sitting with you and talking together about the hard work you have done with our students at Data Team meetings. As a reminder, we will all need to pitch in and support the subs in the building this week due to Data Team Meetings. Here is the agenda for Data Teams, please plan to bring your Chromebook.

On a personal note, thank you to those that reached out over the last couple of days to check on me. For those of you who haven't heard, I have been a bit out of sorts since learning a dear friend and mentor of mine passed away unexpectedly. While I try to keep my emotions at bay at work, I believe in transparency and letting people know why they might catch me seeming a little off (this is really for those blue brained folks who like me, would assume they did something wrong). She was so excited for me to begin my journey at GRE so I know the best way for me to honor her and the memories we made is to show up, ready to work and to make children and teachers smile-so that's my plan.

As we look at our final 8 days before break-let's make them magical! Here's to a great week at GRE!


News to Share

1.Student Sign Up's for Eagle Ed are this week! See the schedule below. As a reminder, you must sign your students up the day you are assigned. Not the night before. Let's make sure all students have an equal opportunity to get signed up.

Monday, Dec. 10: 2nd Grade

Tuesday, Dec. 11: 3rd Grade

Wednesday, Dec. 12 4th Grade

Thursday, Dec. 13: Kindergarten

Friday, Dec. 14: 1st Grade

2. Have you started report cards? If you have any questions, please stop by and see me. As a reminder, they are due Tuesday, December 18th at 8:00am.

3. Our December Staff Meeting is December 19th at 7:30. At this point grade cards will be complete, Data teams will be over and we will spend our final staff meeting of 2018 enjoying a holiday themed start to our final day with students before break!

To be ready for the staff meeting :

A. click here to sign up to bring a breakfast item

B. Bring a wrapped, used or new book you've read recently for pleasure, we will have a gift exchange to make sure we are all set for relaxing over break.

4. Lesson learned...don't leave walkthroughs for during winter benchmark assessing. I will continue to make my way around this week to complete my informal walkthrough observations. If I show up at your room with a computer, that's a good sign I'm doing my walkthrough. This will be for full OTES evaluations only. All evaluations and post conferences will be complete by Friday!

5. Word on the street is...additional elves have been located near GRE. They may be making an appearance to help everyone enjoy Elfin' Around GRE! Keep you eyes out! If you have questions about how to play, see Angie, Ginna or Kate

PLC Weekly Challenge

Did you do last week's PLC challenge? Let's support each other and see how we can help one another out during such a busy time!

This week's PLC challenge is to reflect on our professional learning so far this year. We have worked on Interactive Read Alouds, Student Conferencing and Responsive Classroom. With all of this hard work, I also challenged you at the beginning of the year to come up with one words that you will remember and work on or focus on all year. This week's challenge is to check in with a team member on how you are doing with our work. Are you moving forward? Are you trying new things? Are you overwhelmed? Do you need to step it up to meet your goals? Together problem solve and talk about all that we have accomplished in this first half of the year that will be coming to a close in a few weeks. After your discussion, write a personal note to a team member based on your conversation.

Week at a Glance

It's Challenge Day Jeans Week! If you contributed-enjoy your jeans this week:)

Monday, Dec 10- A Day; 2nd Grade Eagle Ed Sign Ups

Tuesday, Dec 11- B Day; 3rd Grade Eagle Ed Sign Ups

Wednesday, Dec 12- C Day; 4th Grade Eagle Ed Sign Ups; 4:15 Yoga

Thursday, Dec 13- D Day; Kinder Eagle Ed Sign Ups; PTO 6:30 PM

Friday, Dec 14-A Day; 1st Grade Eagle Ed Sign Ups

Happy Birthday Doug Germann on Sat. Dec 15th!

Upcoming Important Dates:

December 13 PTO Meeting 6:30 pm

December 18 Grades due at 8:00am

December 19 Eagle Ed 2:20-3:20pm

*No children's Theater on the 18th