The Hunting Ground

Documentary Analysis by Katie Holt


SOAPS is Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, and Subject. It is part of the Rhetoric Situation. In the documentary "The Hunting Ground", the purpose is to inform people on sexual assault on college campus is an issue because no one would do anything, with statistics, ethos, and pathos.

Example One: Statistics

  • Less than 8% of men in college commit more than 90% of sexual assault.
  • Repeat offenders commit an average of six or more acts of sexual assault.
  • Percentage of rapes reported to the police in the U.S. that lead to an arrest 26%.

The statistics was affected by making it feel more real.

Example Two: Ethos

  • Sited the statistics
  • Deans and staff
  • Security guard

Ethos was affected by making me feel like I should do something.

Example Three: Pathos

  • Soundtrack
  • Interviews with girls
  • Interviews with parents

Pathos was affected by making feel sad and angry.


The purpose of the documentary was to inform people that sexual assault in college is an issue with statistics, ethos, and pathos.