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The Basics of Fiber Cement Siding Durability

Have you ever wondered about fiber cement siding durability and how corporations can make claims of a century or far more? Here's why.

Although fiber cement siding could possibly seem like the new kid on the building block, the truth is the fact that it has a much longer history. Fiber cement was 1st created in the turn in the century, when French makers have been making roofing plates and siding that could resist all points that had been the bane of wood siding: insects, mold, rot, and wind, and in some cases fire.

As the attractive properties of this siding sort caught on, the material was ordered for properties around the globe. A lot of older houses today nonetheless possess the original cement that was installed 80 or 90 years ago. This longevity speaks to this siding's durability in a way that's a lot more convincing than the common 50-year assure.

Why Is Siding Durability So Important?

The secret of cement fiber's longevity lies within the standard components that make up the completed product. Initially, siding merchandise applied asbestos as a important element. Once it was determined that asbestos could pose a critical overall health hazard, suppliers starting applied cellulose instead.

These days, cement fiber siding is a mixture of cellulose fibers, Portland cement, ground sand, particular additives, and water. The blend of these supplies forms a sturdy, eye-catching siding item which will stand as much as a long guarantee. What's a lot more is the fact that the cement product doesn't contract or warp like wood may well, so paint added to fiber aluminum siding installers Toronto can final for decades with cautious upkeep.

The longevity of this siding comes down to the good quality with the components that make up the siding. Expert installation by siding contractors will aid make sure you get your money's worth out of your siding you choose for your property