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Team Froelich ~ April 2015 News

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Let me be your Dory for a moment...

If you've seen 'Finding Nemo,' you'll know what I mean. And even if you haven't, you can follow along. Let's be real here - April has been a TOUGH month. It isn't just you. It isn't just me. It isn't just our team. It's been felt across the company. Not sure why - we have a great special...Mother's Day is usually a great selling occasion, but for whatever reason, everyone's sales are DOWN. It's OKAY.


If your April hasn't panned out the way you would have liked, DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. Focus on last minute efforts against Mother's Day sales - orders submitted by April 26 are guaranteed to be here by Mother's Day. And focus on May. We haven't partied much in April as a team (based on what's been posted to date), so we won't have bookings from April to work from. Time to get our fins going and KEEP SWIMMING so you can get May filled up and bounce back strong! You can do this, and you have the BEST special of the year going on. This is a great month to do a fundraiser as well.

1. Set a goal - grab your May calendar and highlight the dates you want to party.

2. Reach out to your List of 62 - last month we focused on refreshing this list - if you didn't do it then, do it now!

3. Don't stop swimming until you get every single one of your dates booked.

Please reach out to me if you are struggling with any aspects of your business. I am here to help you grow and overcome obstacles and achieve your WHY!

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Need some inspiration?

Here's what just a few leaders made in March-- this is attainable for anyone who knows WHY they do 31!

*All numbers are shared like this:
What they would have made If they were a consultant / what they made because because they chose leadership

Director: $1,588/ $2,700
Director: $487/ $1,570

SD: $675/ $6,800
SD: $750/ $2,400
SD: $916/ $3637
SD: $730/ $4,300

ED: $1,025/ $14,000
ED: $753/ $5,939
ED: $2,100/ $8,200
ED: $895/ $4,000
ED: $1,118/ $5,906

SED: $612/ $15,653
SED: $580/ $21,886
SED: $500/ $13,424
SED: $375/ $19,753
SED: $400/ $27,000

NED: $1,575/ $19,444
NED: $1,425/ $18,270
NED: $5,900/ $33,400

These numbers are real and are shared not to impress you but to impress upon you the potential of Thirty-One! You'll hear these ladies stories at conference and on calls offered to you.

Lois Borkholder joined in Sept 2009. She was a homeschool mom and promoted to SED IN 19 months. 3 years to NED from her start. She parties ALL the time! Since her start to March 2015 she has held 1009 parties (only 1 was FB and 98% are IN THE HOME), she has personally recruited 267 women, has sold over $750k in PV and has Gen 0 Team sales over $8Million!!

Whoa! Last month she sold $23,000 personally. Her commission was the $33,400!

What do you want 31 to be for you?!

March Team Stats

Team Sales: $12,291.00 **WHOOP WHOOP!!!**

# Parties: 25

Party Average: $491.64

# Team Members: 17

% Team Active: 82%

New Team Members: 2

Heather's Stats

PV: $3,278.50

# Parties: 5

Party Average: $655.70

# Recruits: 0

Commission I would have made as a consultant: $819.63

Commission I made because I chose leadership: $1,188.36