Miss Tigges's 2nd Grade Newsletter

February 5, 2016

We had so much fun celebrating the 100th Day of School last Thursday, January 28th!

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Reading (Written by, Emily)

In reading, we have been inferring word meaning. This means using different strategies to help us figure out a word. Miss Tigges has been showing us words on the board and we use strategies. Miss Tigges shows us sentences on the board and reads them and we guess what the word means using strategies we know.

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Writing (Written by, Brianne)

In writing, we are writing personal narratives about a lesson we learned. A lot of the kids are doing theirs on the 7 Habits. The 7 Habits are: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand then to be Understood, Synergize, and Sharpen the Saw. The next thing we are doing is an animal report. That is what we are doing in writing.

By, Brianne Roberts

Cool things going on. Awesome things all beyond. Wild as a super cat, faster than a wild fast. All beyond, all beyond, all all all beyond. (Original quote from Lexi)

Math (Written by, Collin)

We found the minimum the maximum the median the range and the mode. The minimum means that its the smallest number. The maximum means the highest number. The median means the middle number. The range means the biggest number minus the smallest number. The mode means which number comes up the most. We solved addition and subtraction number stories. We had to solve number grid puzzles in all directions into the hundreds. We graphed and analyzed data.

Science (Written by, Harshini)

These 2 weeks we were learning about Motion. We tried with tops, zoomers, and twirlers. These are the things we learned about them: for an object to be in motion, a force must start the object. Faster spinning objects are more stable than slow spinning objects. The more force on an object, the faster it goes. Tops, zoomers, and twirlers all rotate or spin. Tops, zoomers, and twirlers all begin with different motions. Twirlers move when air pushes against the wings. When 2 wheels are the same size, it will roll straight. When the wheels are not the same size, it turns. Adding weight can slow down, speed up, or stop motion. Tires, bowling balls, pencils, shopping carts all spin. Than you for reading my science newsletter.

Specials (Written by, Lexi)

In music, we have been preparing for our concert and been practicing our song to memorize them for the concert. In art, we are making these finger things and we just finished our mobiles. In PE, we finished practicing the fitness test and were going to do something new to practice and do.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, February 10th: Early Dismissal

Friday, February 12th: Valentine's Party from 2:30-3:15 PM

Monday, February 22nd: Civic Center Field Trip

Tuesday, February 23rd: 2nd Grade Choir Concert at 6:00 PM