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Giving Students Choices

Today's technology tools can provide teachers with the ability to give their students choices when assigning projects. Every student may not have the same apps as their classmates, so instead of requiring the students to use a particular app or website, why not give them a choice? You will find that student engagement and creativity will increase when students are given the freedom to use different tools to deliver content.

Here are two examples of a project about President John F. Kennedy. The examples contain the same content, however, the information is presented in a different format in each project.

Sources for JFK Presentations


Examples of assignments that give students choices:


Video Tools

Animoto for Education is one of the original sites that allow you to create videos from your photos, videos and audio files. Your students will find many creative ways to use this program! Make sure you go to Animoto education because teachers don’t have to pay to use Animoto! (WEB or APP)

Adobe Spark Video lets users record their voice, import pictures and write text to create a short video. Videos can be shared publicly or privately. (WEB or APP)

TeleStory - Write, direct and star in your own television show. Students pick a theme and one of more than 30 animated scenes and then write their script. Next, they choose from more than 50 digital costumes and record a TV show. (APP)

Shadow Puppet EDU - Create videos to tell a story, explain an idea or send a personalized message. The app has a search tool to find pictures from the Library of Congress, NASA, and to find Creative Commons licensed images from Flickr. Students can also import pictures and videos from the camera roll on their iPads. (APP)

is a video response tool that is used to create discussions among all students within your classroom. Teachers post a topic or question via text or video and the students respond to the prompt. Flipgrid also gives students the ability to comment on their classmates' responses.

Key Features:

  • All of your videos are located in one location.
  • You can Freeze a Topic to continue sharing the videos but prevent new recordings.
  • Student comments can be turned on or off.

Flipgrid Examples:

Flipgrid Certified Grid (password is Flipgrid)

Simple Machines

Non-Fiction Text Features

Flipgrid for Assessments


Ideas/Tutorials/Blog Posts:

Create a QR Code that links to your Grid or Topic! Click the Share option and choose QR Code.

Topic Discovery Library - Share and find Topic templates that have been submitted by educators from around the world. All subject areas and grade levels are included. You can find these under Discovery in the Menu Bar.

Recap by Swivl is a free student video response and reflection app developed that gives teachers and parents insight into students' learning and progress

Recap Examples:

Recap Tutorials/Blog Posts:

Recap Discover

TouchCast Imagine - An amazing video recording app that allows you to superimpose pictures, websites, twitter feeds, and more. (APP)

Audio Tools

Vocaroo allows you to create voice recordings and send them through email. No need to install any software! (WEB)

AudioBoom (formerly Audio Boo) is a great tool for creating your own radio show, podcast, etc. (APP and WEB)

Comic Tools

Toontastic (APP) allows kids to write and publish stories in a creative way! Each story consists of:
  • Setup
  • Conflict
  • Challenge
  • Climax
  • Resolution

PowToon (WEB)
Seedling Comic Studio (APP)

Animation Tools

Blabberize - Upload a picture, create a mouth, on the photo and then record your voice to make your character speak. (WEB)
Chatterpix - Make your photos, friends, pets or drawings talk. Take a photo, draw a line to make a mouth and record your voice and then share with your friends and family. This app provides a very creative way for students to introduce themselves. (APP)

Presentation Tools

emaze allows you to easily create a presentation that includes interactive activities.

BlendSpace by TES can be used to differentiate instruction because it allows you to create personalized lessons with different online materials and assessments.

Canva is known for being a great tool for creating graphics, but the presentation design is excellent!

Spiral is a new suite of 4 tech tools that includes Team Up, a collaborative presentation piece.

Bookmaking Tools

MIxbook EDU - Students can create customizable photo books for free. Parents can view the photo books and can even purchase a hardback copy. (WEB)

Book Creator for iPad ($4.99) - Create ebooks on your iPad that you can easily share with other. (APP)

Book Creator is now available for Chrome.

StoryJumper - Create, share and read books online on StoryJumper. There's no cost to use StoryJumper at school or at home.

We also offer publishing options so that parents can purchase the books their child has written. StoryJumper also has fundraising options.

Check out the Translate option!


Seesaw allows students to document their learning as it occurs, reflect on the learning and evaluate their progress. Seesaw is free, but there are paid options available.

Website Creation Tools

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