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Email Alert From the Help Desk

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Have you ever gotten an email like this? Any time you see requests for your personal information, question it. Most companies will NOT ask you to verify your personal information via email. ALWAYS click to see the email address of the sender. Look for typos in the body of the email as well. When in doubt, don't click! Call.

SAMR Model: Growing Your Use of Classroom Technology

You've embraced your interactive board and use of a laptop. What's next? Check out the SAMR model to learn a bit about how to expand your use of technology in teaching and learning. Any questions? Contact Lori Sheldon, your K-12 Educational Technology Integrator.
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SAMR Model at Armstrong Middle School 2

Cool Formative Assessment Tools

Are you looking for formative assessment tools to help inform your instruction? Here are a few free, web-based options. All of these can be done on an iPad, laptop, or computer. Plickers only requires the teacher to have a smartphone!

1. Socrative

  • Create quizzes or upload using a template
  • Can be self-checking
  • Can provide the teachers with a report at the end
  • Great for exit tickets

2. Kahoot

  • Great for assessing prior knowledge, checking understanding, or just keeping students engaged throughout a lesson
  • Game-like feel

3. Plickers

  • Enter your classes on the website, print the scannable cards, download the app on your smartphone and GO! This is an easy, low-tech way to gain information on students' understanding of concepts!

All websites offer basic tutorials, but please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions!

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