Harry Potter

And The Soreorers stone

Harry Potter smore

Hello there and if your reading this note now you've made it into hogwarts witchcraft of wizardry. In this letter your will be learning all about hogwarts and a little about your professors and places in hogwarts.

The first class we will be flying class tought by madam Gooch, in this class you will be put together with the slysherns, most kids enjoy flying class cause you mainly learn to fly on a broom stick. The other class I will be talking about is defiance aginsed dark forses with quarrel, now last year we had an insolent with him and we don't know who the new teacher will be for that class so we're going with that for now.

Hi I'm Hagrid, I'm here to tell you about hogwarts and how much I love it. The first thing I like about it is that hogwarts this school is so fun. I love it so much I decided to live here, my hut is big enough to hold me and a couple others, which is ok. That Harry kid is so sweet, it was pretty frustrating when he didn't know that his ma or da was a wizard. Hi I'm Ron, I was told I have to write some things I like about hogwarts. I guess the first thing I like is have trust worthy friends at hogwarts I mean 2 friends isn't a lot but is something. Another thing I like about hogwarts is that since I'm friends with Harry Potter I can see things I would have never seen if I haven't been friends with him.

Now to talk about the places you will probably end up at one point, one place that a lot of people enjoy is the quiddich pitch, here you will play as on of the 7 players on our team or watch in the crowd and cheer on grifendor. Another place you might end up is the forbidden forest, now not a lot of people go here, I wouldn't suggest it because there's a lot of bad people in here along with a lot of dangers at night time, I wouldn't suggest it unless you have a punishment,

-Albous Doumbledor -Hogwarts school of wizardry