Two-Tech Tip Tuesday

3 QUICK LESSON PLAN IDEAS - GoAnimate, Voki, Blogger

Today's tips can be found in this useful YouTube video, describing 3 different tools. Using technology to create presentations, reports, journals, etc., can be an easy way to introduce technology in a lesson plan or project.

Three Quick Lesson Plan Ideas That Incorporate Technology – It’s an animation website that your students can use to create their own short movies. Accounts will need to be made, but there are some free accounts that allow for students to be quite creative.

Once they are signed in, they should create an animation in one of the available “worlds” to perhaps summarize a book or short story, deliver a speech they have written, teach a lesson on a particular topic or introduce themselves or their ideas to the class. It’s a great way to present student work. – Another great website that students can jump right into. Voki creates talking, somewhat animated avatars. Have students write poetry or speeches and then create a Voki to actually read the message aloud. Or make a final deliverable for a formal paper a bit more interesting by having a Voki that the student has created read it aloud to you.

You will need a microphone if you want to record your own voice, but other voices are available. – If your students have access to Blogger, (with their Gmail accounts) have them use the blogs instead of a journal to outline ideas or create products for your assignments. Since the blogs are visible to the world, you might assign pen names (that you would know, of course) if your students are underage – and be sure to get permission ahead of time. Stress to students that having published work means it must be mindful of the audience and cautious at the same time. You may want to turn off the comments, or comment only if you leave an email.

Let the students write journal entries, address prompts you’ve set up, or summarize chapters of the text or novel you’re working on in class.