Opening Sequence Analysis

The Exorcist



0:27 The opening sequence starts with a slow pan, moving from a house onto the street. This camera movement makes the audience familiarise with the location.
0:50 A close up of a religious statue suggests to the audience that the movie would be in relation to religious aspects.


0:26 A fade-in is used for the pan movement at the beginning of the opening sequence. This creates a suspicious atmosphere around the location, especially since the setting has low key lighting.
0:46 A dissolve is used from the shot of the house and street, to the close up of the religious statue. This links both shots and suggests to the audience that the two shots could be linked to each other.


0:54 The theme of the movie is played as the opening credits appear. The music is made of high pitched noises which creates an
1:10 A completely different sound - different language, singing- change along with a different location displaces the audience.


0:29 The first shot is done under low key lighting, which amplifies the tone of horror in the film. The setting of the street is interesting as it is dark but lamps are placed along the street.