Metamorphic Rocks

Dakota, Becca, and Tariq

Definition of 'rock'

A solid mixture of minerals and other materials.

Metamorphic Rocks

A metamorphic rock is a type of rock that forms from an existing roc, that is changed by heat, pressure, or a chemical reaction.

Difference between Foliated and Nonfoliated Rocks

Foliated: a rock that has grains arranged in parallel layers or bands

Nonfoliated: The mineral grains in the rocks are arranged randomly

Different types of Foliated rocks

Slate: A fine-grained gray, green, or blueish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth flat surfaces

Gneiss: A metamorphic rocks with a banded or foliated structure, typically course-grained and consisting mainly of feldspar, quartz, and mica

Different types of Nonfoliated rocks

Marble: a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone, typically white with mottlings or streaks of color, that is capable of taking a polish and is used in sculpture and architecture.

Quartzite: An extremely compact, hard, granular rock consisting of mainly quartz. it oftens occurs as silicified sandstone, as in sarsen stones