Balloon Project

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Problem 1

The function relating to the variables that best describes this situation is f(x)=800-20x

Problem 2

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Problem 6


It will take 3 minutes and 33 seconds less than the first balloon.

The graph is steeper because it is descending at a faster fate, so it will reach the ground faster and land faster.

Question 7


They will be the same altitude at 480 feet, and at 16 minutes.

Graphically, it means the two lines are intersecting.

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Problem 8

1200 feet. This is because the balloon is descending at a faster rate, so it would have to start at a higher altitude in order to land at the same time as the first balloon. The proportion is 20/800=30/x.

The function of the line is f(x)= 1200-30x.