Cultures and Traditions

of my family

10 Traditions that my family does or celebrates!

1. Celebrate Religious Holidays i.e. Easter, Christmas - every year my gamily gathers to celebrate these religious holidays

2. Trashbag Lady - if I left my toys scattered throughout the house and I didn't put them in my toybox then my mom would take them away and say that the trashbag lady took them from me

3. Celebrate the tooth fairy - when someone loses a tooth they put it under their pillow and the tooth fairy will come and give them some money for their tooth

4. Baptized as a baby - almost everyone in my family was baptized at a christian church when they were younger

5. Watch the dog show every thanksgiving - every thanksgiving day after everyone gets some food in their bellies, my grandpa turns on the dog show for everyone to watch

6. Kids open one present on Christmas Eve - each year kids will open up one present on Christmas Eve

7. Conquistodors on Easter day - every year on Easter my grandma prepares delicious mexican burritos that my family calls Conquistodors.

8. Greet and Say goodbye to family members with a hug - when saying goodbye or greeting other members of my family we always give them a hug

9. Grandparents hide eggs around their house for the young kids to find - every easter my grandparents hide eggs inside and outside if the weather is nice for the younger kids to hunt for

10. Pick out birthday instead of it being a surprise - each year my mom takes me shopping or will give me my own spending money for something that I wanted for my birthday

2 Traditions that I will keep for later in life

1. I will keep celebrating all of the religious holidays that I celebrate now.

2. I will tell my kids about the Trash bag lady so they will learn to put their toys away where they belong.

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Relating to Chapter 3 Terms

Many of the traditions that my family performs have become norms to me. If I see a family who does not celebrate Christmas or Easter I find it to be rather weird.

Me and other members of my family value the traditions that we do and we are happy that we do them. I cannot see my family not celebrating the holidays that we do.

I am from a christian family so my beliefs are different than other people's. I believe that everyone should celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other religious holidays.