WISD Data Team Presents Edition #4

Every winter has its spring - H. Tuttle

“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” – Albert Einstein

01/04/2022: REP EOY Collection On-Demand Opens

02/02/2022: Spring General Collection Opens

02/09/2022: Early Childhood Spring Certification Deadline

02/09/2022: Spring Count Day

02/14/2022: Valentine's Day ❤️

03/16/2022: Spring General Collection Submission Certification Deadline

03/23/2022: Spring General Collection Recertification Deadline

03/31/2022: REP EOY Collection On-Demand Closes

State Reporting Updates

The dates of SRMs that need to be pulled as part of pre-ID must be submitted by:
  • SAT, PSAT, WorkKeys, and M-STEP – December 31, 2022

MDE released MEMO #111-21 to clarify pupil membership requirements for Fifth Year EMC students as defined in state law & in the 2021-22 PAM. https://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Pupil_Membership_Requirements_for_Fifth_Year_EMC_Students_738474_7.pdf

Districts had to complete the 2021-22 Benchmark Assessments Reporting and Funding Application which was due in GEMS/MARS by 5 p.m. EST on Dec. 10.

To view CEPI News and Updates including archived bulletins click here.

Important CRDC Information

  • 2020-21 CRDC Data Submission Tool opened on December 13th, 2021 to all LEAs and SEAs assisting their LEAs with the 2020-21 school year data submission.
  • All LEAs and SEAs assisting their LEAs will have the standard 75 calendar days and must submit their data by the February 28th, 2022 close date.

Immunization Reporting

  • February immunization reports should include all students reported on the November report and any students new to the District from September 30th through December 31st, 2021. All Kindergarteners, all 7th Graders, and students who are new to the School District must be reported.
  • Immunization reporting closes on February 1st. Between November 1st and February 1st, please continue to update immunization records until you reach at least 95% compliancy. Schools will close the report period in MICR by going into IP Status and clicking on the “close period" button. The button will not be highlighted, and you will not be able to close the period if you are not at 95% compliancy.
  • For additional information about immunization reporting, go to https://mcir.org/school-childcare
  • Contact the Washtenaw County Health Department or the WISD Help Desk if you have any questions about immunization reporting.

Contact Clean up for PSSP Digital Signature

The following videos provide a visual for completing this process.

Flagging Fields in PS Contacts: https://www.loom.com/share/6211895dc41e4f8fbb9d12e0577f4da4?sharedAppSource=personal_library

Student Contacts with Directions Report: https://www.loom.com/share/99337ccf73a544f1b4ea8580e281f3c2?sharedAppSource=personal_library

Digital Signatures

The following list are the videos for Digital Signature, below. Please review.

Here is a link to PSSP written Documentation on Electronic Signatures functionality

Data check for Spring Count

Learn your special population students by searching and verifying them:
  • Homeschooled: S_MI_STU_GC_X.residentMembership=15
  • School of Choice Within Same ISD: S_MI_STU_GC_X.residentMembership=02
  • School of Choice Outside Same ISD: S_MI_STU_GC_X.residentMembership=03
  • All other non-resident: S_MI_STU_GC_X.residentMembership=06
  • McKinney Vento:S_MI_STU_GC_X.homelessStatus#
  • ESL: S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagLEP=1
  • Immigrant: S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagImmFunding=1
  • International students: S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagInternational=1
  • At Risk/31a; S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagAtRisk=1
  • Early Middle College; S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagEarlyCollege=1
  • Alternative Education: S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagAlternateEd=1
  • Developmental Kindergarten: S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagDevRetKinder=1
  • Section 504: S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagSection504=1
  • Special Education: S_MI_STU_GC_X.flagSpecEd=1
  • Exclude from State Reporting: State_ExcludeFromReporting=1

Confirm with your F&N department that data is flowing ensuring your Free and Reduced students are appropriately flagged

Items to review

  • Review GPAs
  • Complete final grade setup
  • Set final grade deadlines
  • Update Current Grade Display and Quick Lookup
  • Review Honor Roll methods and levels
  • Review class rank methods
  • Direct Certification Refresh
  • Storing of S1 grades
  • Review enrollment documents for update and submit ticket for the new year
  • Direct certification refresh

Course Catalog and TSDL Setup Review

Verify that your...

  • SCED codes are compete and accurate
  • Grade Scales are set for TSDL reporting
  • Terms have the Import File Term # and Michigan TSDL store code populated
  • New courses include TSDL data, SCED codes, college credits when applicable