Evaluation of My Digital Footprint

By Erik Flores

What's a Digital Footprint ?

A digital footprint is information gathered from all the different types of tools on the web that you use and have. For example Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. All of those tools can either have a positive or negative impact on you. It can have a positive impact by showing how involved you are, all the different things and events you attend. But it can also have a negative impact by showing how rude or uncaring you are online and how you don't care how you look online. Digital footprint is important because it can either get you a job or into a college, or out of a job or college.

My Digital Footprint

What my digital footprint consists of is Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Linked in, Instagram, and Blogger.

  • Twitter- used to get ideas and events out in the world, meet new people, and see new things
  • Facebook- meet and talk to new people/friends, share things and get ideas out there
  • Snapchat- Show people what you're doing through videos and pictures
  • Linked in- Show people what you've done, honors, jobs worked at or currently working
  • Instagram- Get ideas or products out to the world, meet new people, show events through pictures or videos
  • Blogger- Show people your feelings or lay out work, ex. cooking, art and crafts

I use Twitter to get my ideas and show people what I'm doing. Also I used it to get people to dress up for Halloween and to school to show their pride. I used Blogger to do reflections on the work I was doing on my 20% Project and show pictures based on my work process. Using all of these different web tools says that I like to share my work and I'm out going. Which is a positive impact on my digital footprint. My final example of tools I use is Linked in, I use Linked in to show people the jobs I've been in, classes I'm in, and projects I've done.

Impact Positive or Negative

My digital footprint will have a positive impact because based on all the things and ideas I have down on my different tools it shows that I am a good person. This is helpful because it can get me into a job that I would like to get or even a college I would like to attend. But there can also be so harmful ways it can be by the people that are hiring might not like my digital footprint and not get the job or in the college.
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Things that I will need to improve in my footprint is to get even more involved into school actives and events so I can have more to show. For example, I have pictures of me in the soccer team of 15-16.This will improve it because maybe the school will re-tweet or tag me into the posts so people can see how involved I get into school. Also added more to my Linked in account so it doesn't look all boring and so I can put in more projects and awards. Based on what I have right now in Linked in, I'm not very proud.

What I've learned ...

The most important thing I've learned this semester is to always keep your digital footprint nice, clean of bad things, and full of good info. Added many pictures to your tools so it doesn't look so boring. Finally is to always go back and check to make sure that everything is done right and nice so you look good to other people.