Neymar Jr. VS. Messi

By: Emily Fonseca

Neymar Or Messi Who's Better?

If you watch soccer you're probably an FCB fan. Have you ever wondered who is a better soccer player, Neymar Jr. or Messi? Here are some facts about both of them, so that you can decide who's better.

Neymar and Messi have both played international soccer. Messi has played for FC Barcelona and Argentina National Football team. On the other hand Neymar has also plays for FC Barcelona and the Brazil national football team, he also used to play for Santos before he switched to FC Barcelona.

Now lets talk about their positions. Neymar and Messi both play forward. Neymar pays forward and attacking midfielder on the left, center, and right. Messi also plays attacking midfielder but only on the center and right side.

Both Neymar Jr. and Messi play for FCB (FC Barcelona). Neymar's style of play is different from almost all other soccer players. He gets fouled often, likes to cut inside, likes to do layoffs, likes to dribble, likes to play short passes, and doesn't dive into tackles. Messi likes, to dribble, likes to do layoffs, plays the ball off the ground often, likes to cut inside, likes to do long passes, gets fouled often, and doesnt dive into tackles. Neymar's top running speed is 34.7 kph and Messi's top running speed is 32.5 kph.

That's all you need to know about Neymar and Messi to decide on who's a better player. Neymar has played less games and has 42 goals while Messi has played more games and has 45 goals this and lasts soccer season, You pick who's a better soccer player, Neymar Jr. or Lionel Messi?