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Some of the reasons you should hire me instead of your other applicants is my vast knowledge of space and the different reasons for the seasons. Another reason you should hire me and my company is we work with the top of the photo shooting company's. The last reason is we come out with the best type of photos and products for the pictures from printing the picture on a mug to shirts and many other thing you can have for them riders to remember the time they went to space.
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Photo discription

This shows on June 14 the sun at the latitude of 33.1 the sun will be at its highest. The earth will also will be tilted toured the earth and the sunlight will be direct and hit the northern hemisphere will be summer and the southern with be in winter. The sun will hit directly not spread out like when the sunlight changes and shifts based on the tilt if the earth.

Phase of the moon on this day

The phase of the moon on this day is a waning crescent this happens when the moons face that faces the sun is facing away from us we can only see the part that is still visible. A waning crescent looks like a small sliver cut out of a white circle.

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A year from now

The positions of the moon when it will be close is June 8 and the moon phase will be a 2% waning crescent and the earths position will be in summer in the northern hemisphere and the southern will be winter. The suns light will hit directly above the equator. The way I can predict this is because there is a pattern for every year it will always be in the same month and will always be in June and July.