Donations for Animals

Planning ideas

1.) What is your idea?

Donate food to the animal shelter

2.)What will you need to complete this project?

Bags of cat and dog food

3.) Who will participate?

Brien, Dave, Ronald, Brandon, Donations

4.)How will this project effect the students at Olathe North?

Students donated money for food for the Animal shelter.

5. When/where will this project take place?

This project took pace on 12/5/2014 at Olathe animal shelter.

6.)How will this project effect the community?

This project will affect the community by helping sheltered animals that do not have a family.

7.) We will asked all the students at Olathe north to help us in the hearts to give us money for these animals

8.) How will you generate publicity?

We will tell people about the donation for animals.