Henri Matisse

French Painter and Sculptor

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Major Accomplishments

Henri Mattise was a leader in the Fauvism movement(1900-1910) which was well known for its strong and bright colors and undistinguished brush strokes.

He was considered one of the three artists who started the Fauvism movement.

He was a leader in Modern Art.

Some of his famous paintings are Portrait of Madame Matisse (Green Stripe), 1905, A Glimpse of Notre-Dame in the Late Afternoon, 1902 and one of his famous sculptures is The Back Series.

Life in Paris

In 1891 he gave up his law career and moved to Paris to formally study art.

He worked with and became lifelong friends with Pablo Picasso, who he met at Gertrude Stein's house.

Gertrude Stein was a frequent buyer of his paintings. The Cone Sisters, who were friends with Gertrude Stein eventually ended up owning the largest collection of his Henri Matisse's art.