Child Care

I have the right qualities, I'm a leader, and the schooling

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I have the right qualities for the job.

I have always loved working with children. I have experience with children watching them in a nursery. I loved going in and playing with them teaching them how to play fair. Keeping them safe while their parents were gone. I am a very patient person and that is one of the qualities you need while working with children. In order for them to feel safe you have to show them love and care. Giving them warmth so they know they can relax. Young children don't like leaving their parents so you need to know how to calm them down and distract them. To be a good child care worker you need to be really friendly. Having a good attitude will help the child adapt quicker and feel more comfortable being away from their parents.

I'm a leader

I have always been a leader I do not like following the lead of others. To be a good child care worker you need to be able to set the rules. You tell the children what they need to do and how they should act. You need to set a good example because they will follow in your footsteps. As a leader following the rules and regulations is a key factor. If you don't follow what you're supposed to do what makes you think the children will.
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Schooling is not needed for this job. All you need is a high school diploma. Although this may vary from place to place. Some employers may want you to take some college courses that involve children and how to take care of them. Some college classes that would be useful is child development and early childhood eduation and teaching. It would also be easier for you to find a job in child care if you have experience with children.

Frequently asked questions

What sort of training do you need? High school diploma and college courses (not required)

What sort of skills do you need? patience, directness, warmth, follow rules, and a leader

What is the job outlook and salary? 14% increases with need for child care

$19,510 per year $9.38 per hour

Why do you want to go into this career? I have always loved children and taking care of them

What might people not know about this career? 35% of child care workers are self employed

What does a day in the life of this career look liked? making breakfast, geting children dressed and ready, tending to tem, teching them, giving them a snack, and laying them down for naptime

What school do you plan on attending? Penn State Mont Alto

What are the requirement to get into this school? GPA between 2.96-3.41, SAT score between 1470 and 1710, and ACT between 20 and 25, they also look at your classrank

Why are you considering this college? It is not too far away from home and I would be able to drive home and not live on campus