COVID 19 Updates

28 February 2021

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I want to thank our community for the support and understanding you have shown around all the challenges that we face with COVID 19. We are again in the middle of another Alert Level 2.

We were so fortunate to have been able to hold our School swimming sports and our Outdoor Adventure. I want to thank the PTA and all their volunteers who helped make the day special for all our children. It was fantastic to see them all participating and enjoying competing for their respective houses.

We have a number of events that we will need to reconsider this week under Alert Level 2.

Our new student's Liturgy on Tuesday is POSTPONED, we will let you know the new date later this week. We will also postpone Whakapono's Kayaking this week. The Art gallery trips will also be postponed as we will need to be cautious with our children leaving school and going into the public arena.

Our Yr 4 parent camp meeting is also postponed as well as the Keeping ourselves safe parent meeting on Wednesday. We will send information via email to you so you can see the overview of what is been taught.

As always we will keep you informed of all events as we receive information.


  1. Students and staff stay home if unwell.
  2. If you have been to any of the specified locations of Interest from the Ministry of health, you must seek advice from Healthline before returning to school.
  3. Parents will be contacted immediately if a child is unwell at school.

Parents in school

  1. Parents are highly encouraged to drop their children off outside classrooms if required.
  2. Please only enter school if you really have to. All parents please sign in through the school office using the Covid-19 tracer app or sign in registers in the classrooms.


  1. Learning programmes will continue as normal.
  2. Wellbeing and relationships are our priority.
  3. Students can enter classrooms from 8.30am.
  4. All students to be offsite by 3.20pm We appreciate your support with this.

School activities

  1. After School Care continues as normal.
  2. Playgrounds open.

Cleaning and hygeine

  1. Our school will follow detailed Ministry of Health guidelines. This includes regular cleaning, use of hand sanitiser, and hand washing. Ministry of Education has advised that masks are not required at Alert levels 2 and 3. Drinking fountains will be turned off. Please ensure your child has a water bottle. They can refill their bottles at school using our water bottle filler.
  2. Cleaners will complete daily cleans in line with Ministry of Education guidelines.

Physical distancing

At alert level 2, the bubble system is not required.

Students and staff will try to avoid physical contact as much as possible and keep personal space.

Students are free to move around the school.


  1. Under Alert level 2 it is deemed safe for everyone to be at school.
  2. Please let the office know of any absence in the usual way.