Virtual Resume

Amanjot Malhi

Part 1: Goal Setting

Academic SMART Goal

Specific: I want to graduate grade 12 with an 85% overall average. I have until June of my grade 12 year to do this. When I choose my official career choice, I will also set a goal to achieve a 90% in one or two of the classes which I need to be accepted into university. I will earn an 85% average in grade 12, and graduate with honours.

Measurable: I will track my goal by writing down my marks for each assignment and test. By doing that, I can see how well I am doing so far. I can also look over my tests and figure out which units and concepts I need help with. Overall, my main way of measuring and tracking my goal will be by keeping old tests, and making sure I understand all concepts. I will make sure to keep all of my tests and track the results of each test, assignment, and quiz in a chart.

Attainable/Action: Small actions to achieve my goal would be to work hard and do the best I can on every test and assignment. I would like to get over 80% on each test/assignment. My daily goal to achieve this will be to review, or study my notes each night for at least 30 minutes. This is not very long and I always have free time after school. My strength in organization will help me as I will always have my notes when studying for tests. Also, since I am hardworking, I am sure that none of my assignments will be late. I will also know that my assignments are completed to the best of my ability because of my trait of being hardworking. A weakness which I need to work on if I want to achieve this goal is procrastination. Although I am hardworking, I usually do not start work until the last minute. At home, I can never focus and this results in me staying up late to finish my work. I must not procrastinate, and get enough sleep to get my grades to the best of my ability. Also, by not procrastinating, I will make sure to have enough time for each of my courses. To combat my procrastination, I will make to do lists, and daily schedules. That way I will set a certain amount of time for each subject. By doing that, I will have to follow my schedule, otherwise I will be off schedule, with not enough time for every class. For example, if I set 5:00-6:00 for math, I will have to finish it in that amount of time. This way, I will also be able to study in advance for tests, do much better and be more prepared.

Realistic/Relevant: This goal is important to me in my high school career because I hope to attend university after high school, and if I want to be accepted I must have a high average above 80%. I know that I am able to achieve this. This goal is not completely impossible for me, but it may be a challenge. In grade 9, my average at the end of the year was 89%. In the first semester of grade 10, my average was 87%. This semester, I currently have a 90% average according to my midterm marks. If I continue working as hard as I currently do, I know I can get an 85% or above average in grade 12.

Timely: To achieve this goal by grade 12, I will have to take many small steps. There are two years until I actually achieve this goal. In these two years, I will work hard in each of my classes. My smaller goals are to: have at least an 80% in each class. By achieving at least an 80% in each class, I know that my average will not be below 80%. I will make sure to get 90% in each the subjects which I am good at, such as math, and business. Smaller goals would be my averages for each grade. In this semester, I am currently getting a 90%. I can get a 90% in this semester. In grade 11, I want to get 90% averages in both semesters, but I do not know how many hard classes I will have each semester. Working hard to get good grades before grade 12 will help me to build good work habits.

Volunteerting SMART Goal

Specific: At the end of grade 12, I would like to receive the volunteer award at graduation. I will complete the most community involvement hours in Louise Arbour's graduating class of 2018.

Measurable: To track my goal and how well I am following along with my goal, I will keep a daily log of how many hours I complete. I know that this will help me because I can keep track, and also make sure I am awarded the correct number of hours. I can also make sure that I am following up with my goal by getting involved in the community on a regular basis. To add on, to keep track of my goal I will make sure to keep a regular schedule of when I am volunteering. By keeping a regular schedule, I will make sure to volunteer, as well as keep up with my studies. I hope to complete at least 70 hours in each school year, so that will be a total of 140+ hours by grade 12.

Attainable/Action: Some specific actions which I must take to achieve this goal are to apply to places to volunteer. I plan on applying to a retirement home near my house, and volunteering at the hospital. This will be my first step because I must make sure I have a place to volunteer. As stated in the measurable section, I hope to earn at least 70 hours in each year. I know that is achievable because in the summer I will have a lot of free time on my hands. A ride is not a big issue, as I can walk to the retirement home or to the hospital. It will only take a 10-15 minute walk. One of my strengths is committments. I am very hardworking and if I commit to a task, I will work my hardest. This will help me in achieving this goal because they may want to give me the volunteer position for the next year too. That way, I will not have to stress about the application process each year. I also have good communication skills, so if I am working with the elderly or patients at the hospital, I will be able to excel in the volunteer position. For this goal, I will also have to work on my time management skills. I must be able to finish school work in a specific time frame so that I can also go to volunteer when I am done. Time management will be crucial in being able to be involved in the community. Since school and good grades will always be my first priority. A second weakness which I must improve is my interview skills. To be given the position, I must be able to pass my interview. I will make sure to practice my interview skills in advance with friends, and family. To summarize, the smaller goal which I must achieve is the application. I will use my strengths to excel at this, and work on my weaknesses in advance so that I can get the position.

Relevant: This goal is important to me because I am the kind of person who loves to get involved. I love to help others and it is very fulfilling for me. I think it would be a great feeling to be recognized for something which I love at graduation. I know that this goal is doable because I currently have approximately 470 volunteer hours. I know may people who have not begun their hours, so I am sure that I have a head start on my number of hours. I know I can complete more hours since I completed nearly 200 hours in one summer. Since I am very committed, hardworking, and free in the summer I am sure that this goal is doable.

Timely: I have approximately two years to complete this goal. The smaller goals I have are to register, and to complete 70 hours each year. I want to register and be accepted by the end of my grade 10 year.

Part 2: Preparing for Transitions and Change

Transitions and Changes - Counselling Psychologist

Part 3: Future Job Resume


With strong interpersonal skills, knowledge and exceptional experience in the field of psychology, I am passionate about helping others. I have a drive to succeed and I am seeking for an opportunity to improve and use my skills and experience as a psychologist at Southlake Regional Health Centre.


Western University

Doctorate in Psychology (Ph.D)

London, Ontario

September 2024 - April 2029

Carleton University

Master of Science in Psychology (M.Sc)

Ottawa, Ontario

September 2022 - April 2024

University of Toronto

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (B.Sc)

Toronto, Ontario

September 2018 - April 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - April 2018

Work Experience

Daya Counselling Centre

Psychological Associate

London, Ontario

June 2024 - June 2025

  • Selected for a one year pre-doctoral internship
  • Worked with a wide variety of patients (childtren, adults, elderly, physically disabled, etc.) on a daily basis
  • Worked under supervision of psychologist to complete administrative, counselling, and research tasks
  • Gathered information to assist supervising psychologist in creating a diagnosis and treatment plan

Bailey's Children Centre

Daycare Worker

Brampton, Ontario

July 2018 - December 2018

    • Managed and monitored environment for the safety of children
    • Planned activities which guided children in learning and development of children
    • Communicated with parents regularly about child's behaviour

    Volunteer Experience

    The Ottawa Hospital

    Volunteer in the Rehabilitation Centre

    Ottawa, Ontario

    June 2023 - June 2024

    • Worked with patients undergoing physical rehab
    • Worked with a variety of patients, different ages, and in a variety of different health situations
    • Provided basic assistance in tasks with patients

    Brampton Civic Hospital

    Hospital Volunteer

    Brampton, Ontario

    June 2017 - December 2017

    • Guided visitors around the building

    • Informed nurses about patients' needs

    • Answered phone calls

    NDP Martin Singh Campaign


    Brampton, Ontario

    July 2015 - October 2015

    • Went door to door to talk to voters and persuaded them to vote

    • Made phone calls to voters, and answered incoming phone calls

    • Recognized for being one of the most committed and hardworking volunteers

    • Helped around campaign office in a variety of different activities such as data entry

    Skills and Abilities

    • Proficient with Microsoft Word Excel, and PowerPoint

    • Listening skills

    • Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)

    • Organized

    • Effective oral and written communication skills

    • Participation in projects and tasks

    • Reliability

    • Research and Information gathering skills

    • Fluent in both written and oral Punjabi and a working knowledge of French

    • Ability to work autonomously

    • Responsible

    • Leadership and management

    • Positive attitude and behavior

    • Teamwork


    Reach for the Top Trivia

    October 2015 - June 2018

    • Traveled to different schools to compete

    • Worked with a team


    Award of Excellence at University of Toronto Graduation

    University of Toronto

    April 2022

    Graduated High School with Honors

    Louise Arbour Secondary School

    June 2018

    English award in graduation year from Middle School

    Sunny View Middle School

    June 2014


    Examination for the Professional Practice in Psychology

    July 2026

    Membership with the Ontario Psychological Association

    June 2026

    First Aid and CPR

    May 2015

    Hobbies and Interests

    • Working with children

    • Spending time with friends

    • Travelling

    • Reading

    • Listening to music

    • Being able to help others


    Martin Singh

    Supervisor, NDP


    Ms. Maxin

    Teacher, Louise Arbour Secondary School - Peel District School Board


    Part 4: Challenges & Solutions

    As a counselling psychologist there are many duties, but mainly, the job requires talking to many different clients on a daily basis. You must help them with the problems which they are facing, and provide solutions for their problems. As with any job, being a counselling psychologist has its ups and downs. All challenges can be overcome if the correct steps are taken. Some of the many challenges which a counselling psychologist will undergo include: having patients who are not ready in addressing their problem, being exposed to topics which you may not be comfortable talking about, and having to make life-changing decisions.

    Challenge #1: Uncooperative Patients

    To begin, one of the challenges which all counselling psychologists must overcome is encountering patients who refuse to discuss their issues, or are not ready to address the problem. This is because the patient may be in denial, have a personality disorder, be immature, etc. There are many different contributors as to why a patient might feel like this. Each patient is different and you must be able to adapt to their situation and personality. This is a challenge for the psychologist because they would like and are able to help, but they cannot because the patient is not cooperating. I would solve this by giving the patient as much time as they need. If they are not given the time needed to accept themselves/accept the problem, I think that the full potential of the counselling session will not be met. Therefore, as a counselling psychologist you must be able to wait for a patient. Even though this is not what is ideal for the psychologist, it is what is best for the patient. I should always make sure my patients are ready, so that I could always make sure each counselling session is the most productive and useful.

    Challenge #2: Sensitive Topics

    Moreover, another challenge which a counselling psychologist will have to undergo is being exposed to topics which they are not comfortable talking about, or do not have the knowledge to talk about. An example could be addiction, or domestic violence (“Working as a Counselling Psychologist”). For example, if a counselling psychologist is currently has a family member with an addiction problem, they may not be comfortable talking about the situation. This is a challenge because the psychologist may not be able to complete the work to the best of their ability. For the solution to this problem, I must first be able to accept that I will not be able to always work with every patient who comes to me. In cases like these where there is a sensitive topic, I must be able to refer the patient to another psychologist. Even though this means that I will lose patients, I must be able to accept the fact that I cannot always work with every patient. Secondly, I must be able to keep my personal life and my work life separate. This is important because there is always a time and place to worry about your patients (“How to Grow Confidence as a Novice Counselling Psychologist”). You must be able to respect boundaries. A way to keep your personal life separate from your work life and to reduce stress when talking about complex issues is to take regular vacations (“Professional Health and Well-being for Psychologists”). According to Practice Central, it is very important to make sure you have time for yourself. To summarize, with sensitive topics, you should refer the patient to another psychologist if necessary, but you could also make sure you are stress-free at work so that you are able to tackle difficult topics.

    Challenge #3: Big Decisions

    Lastly, counselling psychologists are required to make life and career changing decisions which could result in complications such as lawsuits, and media interviews (“Working as a Counselling Psychologist”). This is a challenge for the counselling psychologist because this means that every decision made has the chance of being a bad decision and ruining your reputation. Every decision counts. You must be able to make the right decision because otherwise, your life and career are on the line. Your reputation as a counselling psychologist could either be improved, or destroyed. To make sure that this does not occur, I will make sure to talk to my colleagues and make sure that my decisions are something which is accepted by them (“Working as a Counselling Psychologist”). If I am able to get more professional opinions, I will have a better decision. This is something which also requires for myself to improve and be able to take initiative and ask others.