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Happy Fall, Lindeneau Leaders! 🐯

We are so excited to kick-off a new season at Lindeneau Elementary School! Every autumn, we are reminded that change leads to growth and that beautiful things can happen when we meet these new beginnings with acceptance rather than fear. To help you on your journey, the talented and dedicated staff of Lindeneau is ready to assist you in becoming the best possible version of YOU.

Parents, this is our chance to help make the second marking period the best one yet. By working together and celebrating your child’s successes, we can help our children to recognize their true potential and find the confidence to face every challenge along the way. Remember, when our students succeed, we all succeed! Here’s to an amazing autumn!

Lindenau Celebrates Our Local Veterans

On Thursday, November 11th, the students of Lindeneau Elementary School hosted a Veterans Day celebration for veterans from our local community as well as those residing at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park. This school-wide event gave students the opportunity to honor and recognize the brave men and women who served our country. Click THIS LINK to read the article that appeared on the front page of the The Home News Tribune.

Middle States Accreditation 📋

Our district is going through a voluntary accreditation process through the Middle States Association. An important measure of the school’s “current reality” is assessing itself against the 12 Middle States Standards for Accreditation. These standards and indicators take a holistic look at the entire school program, resources, and environment from the perspective of all of the school’s stakeholders—parents, students, staff, and others. In order to be accredited the school must meet or exceed the 12 Middle States Standards for Accreditation. The survey you are about to take includes a number of indicators for every Standard and you will be asked to assess the level at which the school meets each indicator.

The Planning Team will use the results of the survey to identify areas for growth and improvement and areas of strength. Your input is necessary to make these results reflect all perspectives within your school community.

Rating Guide:

DOES NOT MEET expectations of the indicator.

PARTIALLY MEETS (in need of improvement) expectations of the indicator.

MEETS the expectations of the indicator.

EXCEEDS expectation of the indicator

If you do not have sufficient knowledge or experience to rate an indicator, leave it blank.

After rating each indicator, you will be asked to determine if the school meets or does not meet the overall Standard for Accreditation.

Click HERE for the Survey.

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October Readers of the Month 📚

In order to promote the importance and enjoyment of reading, Lindeneau Elementary School kicked off October by recognizing its first Readers of the Month! as part of the program, each homeroom teacher nominated a student who shows an interest in reading and contributes to class discussions about books and stories. The nominees were recognized with a certificate, a reader-of-the-month bookmark, and had their pictures displayed on our Readers of the Month bulletin board. Click HERE to watch the October Readers of the Month video announcement. Congratulations to all of our Lindeneau Readers!

Playworks ⚽️

Did you know that kids who are engaged during recess are more likely to participate in class, which means better attendance and better grades? This is why Lindeneau Elementary School has paired up with Playworks to bring out the best in every student during recess! The Playworks team not only worked with our lunch aides to train them on innovative, new recess games and conflict-resolution strategies, but worked with our students to provide them with more choice and learn new ways to make recess more fun and engaging. Our goal? To help all students stay active and build valuable life skills through play! Click HERE to join our Playworks Parent Forum at 6:00PM on Thursday, 11/18.
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Lindeneau Bell Schedules 🔔

This time of year can bring about unplanned delayed openings and early dismissals due to snow or other inclement weather conditions. Please click on the image to the right to access the times for all bell schedules, no matter the weather!

One Book, One School Read-Aloud 📕

Our One Book, One School Read aloud began on Monday, November 8th! Each student in the school was gifted a copy of Save Me a Seat, by Gita Varadarajan and Sarah Weeks. The book fits with our equity school and district goal and follows the story of Ravi [rah-VEE] Suryanyaynay and his transition into a new home and school. Topics covered in the book include: new beginnings, assumptions, friendships, judgement, HIB, and acceptance. An added bonus? The first two chapters of our read-aloud were read by Gita Varadarajan, the author herself! Be sure to ask your child about the book to promote a healthy love of reading!

Next Pledge of Allegiance Superstar 🇺🇸

Hey, kids! Do you want to be the next Pledge of Allegiance Superstar? Click THIS LINK to record the Pledge of Allegiance for a chance to appear in an upcoming morning announcement video! (Bonus points if you are standing near a flag!)
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