7th Grade Science

Week of 2/15

Essential Question(s) + Standard(s)

Standard 7.L.1.4

Essential Question: How does the circulatory system move blood and nutrients through the body?

Tentative Schedule

MONDAY (No School)


CW: Review Digestive System + Quiz, Nutrition Discussion OR DE Great White Appetite/Human Body Pushing the Limits: Strength

HW: Finish Plate + Permission Slip


CW: Begin Cardiovascular System w/ BrainPop, Function + Heart Diagram

HW: Begin Review + Reinforce WS (due Friday)


CW: DE HBS Circulatory System w/ Worksheet and SciShow Blood Types w/ Passage + Chart

HW: Finish Review + Reinforce WS


CW: Blood + Vessels Diagrams/Notes

HW: Begin Studying for Circulatory System Quiz (Tuesday, 2/23)