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April 23, 2015 Release Updates

LeaseStar Social Referrals

LeaseStar Social deployed a release the evening of April 23, 2015...

  • On the admin 'manage campaigns' page we have added a Tokens column that clearly indicates the number of referral tokens a particular property has. If that value is 0, the number will be in red. Note: A property's referral campaign cannot launch if they have 0 tokens.

  • When clicking in the campaign calendar to see the campaigns scheduled for a particular day, we will now display a warning icon next to any PMC that has one or more properties with zero referral tokens.

  • We also deployed changes to our Facebook app as required by Facebook’s updates that will go into effect at the end of this month. Due to the pending changes by Facebook, our Social tool bar will no longer be effective after April 30th. Therefore we have added a note to the widgets page, "Due to recent Facebook changes, the Social tool bar will no longer be effective starting May 1, 2015."